Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Me and Twilight

Alright, so Sharen really loves Twilight. She started to read the books over spring break on her trip to San Antonio with her family. She really got into them and for her birthday she got the three books available and the fourth book on order from Amazon. She read the fourth one so quick. I was happy to see her read a book. I have tried to read a book here and there but it is hard. But the movie comes out this weekend and I am excited for Sharen. She is really excited and I am very happy for that.

Me on the other hand, I am just excited to join Sharen. It's not that I don't care about the book and movie, I actually started to read the first book, but me personnally, I am not excited. Now Sharen has told me the story basically and it sounds very interesting, hence why I started to read the book. But I will explain in a bit why I am not TOO excited.

But first, I want to express my thanks to Stephenie Meyer, the author of the series. She not only wrote interesting stories, but gave our youth something to read. In an era where TV, the internet, cell phones, and everything that is going on, I was glad to see that the youth of this nation are reading. It maybe just one book but they are still reading. They have something else to read other than gossip magazines! This is something that makes me very happy. It isn't Harry Potter where it was more for a 8-10 year old. It is for teenagers. Teenagers need to read and they finally have something that interests them and gets them to do something that they need.

Now onto the movie. First here is the trailer so we are all on the right page.

I am very excited to be at the theater early with Sharen. This is the first movie that she wants to see and we will be seeing the midnight premiere. I am excited for that. But I am not too excited for the movie and here is why. From what Sharen has told me, the story is pretty interesting. The Cullens seem cool and they are supposed to have a pretty sweet Mercedes in the movie but here is where the excitement ends. First, the trailer doesn't make me want to see the movie. The way it looks is not what I had imagined. Bella and Edward, to me, are kind of ugly. They also don't look good together. It just isn't them. It's how the movie feels and looks. The trailer does not give justice to what Sharen has told me about the story.

The other blockbuster this year, The Dark Knight, the trailer did it great justice. Here it is.

It left people hanging and excited. I loved the movie. Whenever I did watch the trailer I got more and more excited. Watching it again just gets me excited for the Blu-Ray release on December 9. I can't wait.

So here is my final verdict. I am anticipating the movie more because of Sharen and because I don't want it to suck for Sharen. But you know how sometimes great trailers leads to crappy movies, let's hope a crappy trailer leads to a great movie!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Links

Here is a set of links to the new readers. The two of you.

Sharen's Blog

This is where I get all of my HD News
I know that I am a nerd.

Here is a link to some of my mission

My favorite video website is Hulu. You can catch up on The Office and other NBC and Fox favorites. Also watch Friday Night Lights and get ready for the new season coming in the winter. Finally, but definately not least, all of the seasons of Arrested Development are available on there. Please watch it, for your own sake.

You can play an updated version of the classic Oregon Trail from elementary school days here.

I got that from a website called Download Squad. It gives a bunch of computer and download information. And it also features posts called Time wasters. These are fantastic. For the most part they are games but addictive. Great stuff.

That is all for now, but I will need to remember some of the links that I am sent and put them here. I am going to try to keep my blog updated.

P.S. Everyone route for the Aberdeen Tigers. They are in the state semifinals. I found out today that if Nampa Christian beats Declo, they would play here in Boise on The Blue. I would be there. GO TIGERS!!


Well, it has been a while since I posted a blog. I had a minute after studying and I thought this would be a good time to give just some short comments about some topics that I have on my mind. Granted, these are short comments about some things.

First and foremost, the election. President Elect Obama won the election. We all knew it was going to happen. I am worried for somethings that could possibly happen with Obama. I heard he is not to happy with NAFTA and with other trade agreements the US has. That is not good. We need free trade. Also, I was reading he wants to use stem cell research. This just brings up other ethical questions. But we will see what happens once he gets into office. One small misstep and he will have even more problems than he has now.

Proposition 8!-A great victory for everyone! I am so grateful to the people of California to pass this. But I am tired of the gay people to blame the church for it passing. My buddy Brett sent me an email saying that he saw a stat that 70 percent of minorities voted to approve Proposition 8. The church makes up a small number of residents in California. Quit crying that you lost and quit trying to find someone to blame.

Football!! Is the greatest sport in the freaking world!! First, President Obama should seriously take initiative and make college football a playoff. No matter what he does, if he does that, he will possibly be one of the greatest presidents ever. The NFL is crazy. I don't see how the rest of the world just doesn't get into it. They need to. Great athletes playing a great sport. By the way, GO BRONCOS!!

GRADUATION!!-I am about 4 weeks from graduating with my Bachelors Degree. I never thought I would do it. But I am almost there and I am excited. I can't wait. It's going to be a great time. I am so happy. Every test that I take is just one more step to get there.

Christmas-I love Christmas. We celebrate the birth of Christ, our savior, but the actual holiday has a season. Stores are trying to extend that season. I mean I went to Walmart and heard CHRISTMAS MUSIC!! I hardly saw any Thanksgiving stuff. Whatever. Retailers wonder why they are struggling. Just get your act together.

Speaking of Christmas, I have Christmas, my birthday, and my graduation all around the same time. I asked my family to just combine and not spend a dime on me except for a Playstation 3. I bought it this past weekend and got it yesterday. I am just waiting for my HDMI cable. Now all I want is a job.

VH1 is a dumb channel. It started out Ok, but now it is horrible. Chance of love, Sharon Osborne has a show on there, I Love Money, these shows are just horrible. And then when they do something good, they screw it up. They did a list of the 100 greatest hip hop songs and Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" was #1. That is just stupid. I made a list and everything to post but I want to perfect it. Anyway, I have Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life" as #1. What ya'll think?

My TV shows have been pretty good this year. The Office like always is great. They need more Jim and Pam together shots instead of her being in New York. It kind of has messed with chemistry. If Holly is gone, I will be pissed. MIchael and Holly were awesome. But the Dwight and Angela and Andy complex has been interesting. But the highlight of the season was undoubtedly Creed and his Joker Halloween outfit! Just great.

And finally but most importantly, I want to give you a piece of my mind about Sharen. She is the greatest wife in the world and she is flat out awesome. The other day she started talking about wanting to have tinfoil dinners. She made them and they were good!! She has been making bows, scrabble pendants, and other random things that I just love. I love watching her. She is just so full of life but most of all, I love to see her sleep. It is just a great feeling. My Heavenly Father really wanted me to be happy. That is why he let me marry her. I love you Shar.

I think this is all for now. Leave comments and have other people read! Later

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fantasy and Legal Betting?

So I am going to update the 2 people that read this what has happened in my fantasy leagues. In the league named Crabcakes and Football, I got spanked! I mean royally beaten down. The score was 107-58. Not a good start. But we will see what happens next week after some adjustments. In the league named Boise UPS Gateway, I was losing 99-98 with my opponent having the Minnesota Vikings' defense playing on MOnday night. I was sure I was done. But right when I went to check my scores and I had the game on, Ryan Grant busted through for a big run and Green Bay scored a touchdown to bring down my opponents total to 98. I TIED!! I would have beaten all but 2 of the people in my league with that score. I was pretty happy. So we will see how it goes.

Legal Betting? YEAH! I am serious and it's not even gambling. In fact, it was something I had been thinking about recently. Where was a place that I could make a cheap bet like 10 cents or even 5 cents. I don't have much money, but I do have a nickel that I could lose. I stumbled upon this article and found on here a sports betting site that is legit and free! Just in case you don't want to read the article, the website is called CentSports. If you skeptical, here is a rundown of how it works.

First, it is free. When you register, it doesn't ask for a credit card or no financial information. The site gives you 10 cents to bet on various sporting events. You place your bet and that is it. The money that is used is paid for by advertisers. There will be some popups but just don't click on them and you get your fun for free. If you make 20 bucks, you can cash out a maximum of 10 bucks! But you have to work for that money too, the site doesn't just give it to you. I made 4 cents on my first bet. I mean, I am not losing money and I am using someone else's money to pay for my bet. And it's only 10 pennies!! It is a win win situation and it's pretty fun. If you are to join, tell me so I can get you invited via email so I can get some extra change for inviting you to join.

That is all for now, but if you have any questions aobut any of this, do not hesitate to comment and leave a question. Later!

Monday, September 1, 2008


I hate politics. I try to keep up with what is going on in general but the presidential race has been a joke. I mean, I am a Republican and I will vote for John McCain because I don't want socialism in this country. I am a capitalist and if you can be successful you have to sacrifice and make yourself. I am a staunch believer that you are what you make of yourself. And if we have a socialist president like Obama, we are doomed and people will depend too much on the government. I do believe that there should be a type of health care system where people are not charged up the butt for services that are needed, but it isn't the governments fault that idiots that HAVE TO HAVE fake boobs and nose jobs and face lifts are helping raise the costs of just general health care. But this is a whole other issue. My point is that anyone who becomes president is going to have a rough time. And there are too many bad influences in government. I am a believer of making a fair buck but screwing people is not fair and I hate that. But that is what government does. They aren't making oil companies drop their prices and not make their 11 billion dollars in a QUARTER! If oil companies don't want to lose money, come up with new technology that will be profitible in the future. Once oil runs out and we need to use solar cars, why not have that technology to make that money back?!

The reason I went on this rant is because I believe that government is losing its power and why the United States is starting to lose its power is because of idiots like this lady that was featured on The Colbert Report. I love Stephen Colbert. He is an interesting guy who attacks everyone. Not just conservatives but liberals as well and I loved how he drilled this lady. I have been tired of people wanting to take God out of our government. God is the keypart of our government. If any of those peole took history and realized that the reason why the pilgrims came to the Americas was for freedom of RELIGION!! Meaning they wanted to worhsip God away from the Catholic Church. This lady from the show was stupid and just flat out ridiculous. I love how he mentions songs like God Bless America and how she reacted. Great stuff.

Another reason why I wanted to post this video was because he had a writer who claims to be a socialist conservative. But he wrote a book about how hip hop music. They mention the book briefly but they talk about racism. And they put racism into a great analogy and I could not have said it better. The writer compared racism to the typewriter. We all that they are both around, but they are becoming less and less relevant and no one can claim that they are causes for not getting work done/racism is why people don't get opportunities. I loved that! The computer made the typewriter irrelevant. Social changes have made racism irrelevant. Who ever still uses a typewriter will be left behind. Who ever is still racist will be left behind in society. Not just racist people but people who think that they are being racially discriminated. Great point and I am going to use that forever. Anyway, that is my rant for politics. I am not a politcal guy because no one ever wins. There is never a win win situation and I always try to find that. Let's not let petty differences get the best of us. Let's just work for what is best for the farmer in Idaho as well as the best for the business man in New York!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fantasy Update

As was mentioned in my previous post, I was going to update the two of you that read this, how my fantasy drafts went. Well they are over and my teams look decently. We did not end up having enough people to do the college fantasy draft. But I am having a joy right now. I am currently in my Sports Marketing class. This class is the best class that I have ever taken and I have only been here for 2 days. These are my two favorite things to talk about business and sports. Also, COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS ON TONIGHT!! We got South Carolina vs. North Carolina State and Wake Forest vs. Baylor and Oregon State vs. Stanford. That is what is on TV in HD! I don't have ESPNU but they are having some games too. This is a wonderful time! I am so jacked up and this class makes me even more excited. I feel sorry for Sharen because I can say that I am watching football for research! HAHAHA!!

Anyway, back to my fantasy leagues. I ended up drafting in two leagues. Here are my starting lineups for Week 1.

Overrated Like Favre-
QB: Matt Hasselbeck-Seattle Seahawks
WR: Brandon Marshall-Denver Broncos
WR: Santonio Holmes-Pittsburgh Steelers
RB: Joseph Addai-Indianapolis Colts
RB: Ryan Grant-Green Bay Packers
TE: Heath Miller-Pittsburgh Steelers
W/T: Marvin Harrison-Indianapolis Colts
W/R: Willis McGahee-Baltimore Ravens
K: Adam Vinatieri-Indianapolis Colts
DEF: San Diego Chargers

Fedex Field-
QB: Drew Brees-New Orleans Saints
WR: Larry Fitzgerald-Arizona Cardinals
WR: Santonio Holmes-Pittsburgh Steelers
RB: Frank Gore-San Francisco 49ers
RB: Earnest Graham-Tampa Bay Buccaneers
TE: Dallas Clark-Indianapolis Colts
W/R: Thomas Jones-New York Jets
K: Josh Brown-Seattle Seahawks
DEF: New York Giants

These are my starters. I am excited. I think I have a chance in both leagues just as long as my players stay healthy! I need to win of these leagues someday. I hope this is my year. I feel that my bench players also will be good enough to win one of my leagues. Everyone wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Having fantasies are things that always happen to all people. But my funnest fantasy it the one that I am about to live on Sunday and Monday. I have my fantasy football drafts. I have been an active fantasy player ever since I got back from my mission. My roommate Brett invited me to join his group of friends and family and it was one of the funnest experiences I had. It brought me up to speed after my mission on football and it made me more aware of players that I may not have known of. I almost won the league that year. I did end up taking third and I thought it was a strong showing for my first year and my first attempt. I haven't done so hot recently especially in Fantasy Baseball. But this is our first year of doing fantasy college football. But from what I have seen, we don't have enough players to play yet. Sharen doesn't like this time of year because it is the start of football season and I am pretty sure she gets tired of me talking about fantasy football. Although the first year we were married, she told me to draft Jose Contreras, her maiden name, and he had his best year of his career that year. I got to the semifinals of my league but lost. She has given me the best fantasy advice without knowing who the players are.

Anyway, I will update who I have on my teams after the drafts. But watching ESPN right now, there was a highlight of the Little League World Series. The announcer was Brett Musburger. He has the best announcing voice. I love hearing his voice for football games. I love how he says FUMBLE!! He is great! Oh I am just so pumped for football. I am watching the Dallas Cowboys weekly feature on HBO. This is a grat show.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The Olympics have been pretty good thus far. There have been some quirks but I will get to those later. This is my venting about the Olympics and my praising the Olympics. Let's start with the good. The competition has been great. I have not had this much national pride for such a long time. I really want to beat the Chinese in the Medal Count but most importantly in the gold medal count. The Chinese are spanking us in the gold medals, but I don't know how many are actually because the games are in China. I am really happy we spanked China in basketball with both genders. I am routing hard for our Men's team to win the gold. This will be my only time to route for Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. I am routing the baseball team and the softball team and cheering on Michael Phelps. I was pretty upset with that girl, I can't remember her name, that lost the gymnastics gold for us. But that is what has made the Olympics great. It's us against them!

Luckily for us, NBC got to show basketball again! But there was something that I didn't expect, THE NBA ON NBC theme music! HOw can you not love this! This just added to the excitement I have for beating everyone else in the world in basketball. Here is the introduction when the Bulls beat the Jazz in the '98 Finals.

The Opening ceremony was great. There are also some complaints there but that is for later. China has been a decent host. I mean there are 1.3 billion people that we don't know much about except they make our stuff that we buy. But I think this is where the good things end.

First of all, living in the West is great. Football starts earlier and things start earlier. I love it! BUT, right now is where we all get hosed. First, the Eastern and Central Time Zones are getting things live. But then when "Primetime" comes to the Western and Pacific time zone, we get what has already been shown. I already know the results and it's not actually live! I don't mind knowing the results, I just prefer to watch what I can LIVE! Luckily I have Dish Network and I can watch some events live and it's pretty cool. This is getting annoying but especially when I want to watch the likes of Michael Phelps. So if we were to get everything live, the coverage would start around 4 or 5 and end at 9 or 10. Now they start at 6 and end around 12! COME ON! Apparently NBC did this also during the Salt Lake City Winter Games. I mean seriously! I live in the same time zone!

The Opening Ceremony was great. There was a lot of lights and a lot of cool displays. That part where the human hydrolic system was pushing big squares up and down. They showed that there was people under the boxes but I am very doubtful. Anyone can just be sitting there waiting for their moment to show up. But the biggest scandal was the little girl singing was actually lip singing and the original voice was too ugly to be shown on TV. She is now known as the oympic Milli Vanilli!

The Chinese are getting too many calls in the games. But it is expected from the judges because they can't be fair and let 1 billion people go after them. In the sports that actually require head to head competition and no judging, the US is doing 100% better. The basketball teams, the swimming, the running so far, and other events. But like Gymnastics and diving that require judging they are for sure getting higher scores.

So far, the Olympics have been great and I am glad to have something to watch before football. I am pumped. I haven't watched too much on NBC, I mostly watch on Universal HD and USA and CNBC because they show the events live, but I hope NBC has been promoting The Office more than ever. Hopefully more people will watch the show more and more! I was remembering that Seinfeld was almost cancelled because people didn't watch it but it became the greatest show EVER. The Office will not top Seinfeld, but it is the best show since Seinfeld and hopefully the Olympics brings it more viewers! Watch the Olympics and route hard for the US of A!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Are you ready for some football??!!

It's that time of year. It is the beginning of August and it is time for school, fall, and FOOTBALL!! The first preseason game was today on NBC between the Colts and the Redskins. We also got HBO for free for three months and they are starting a new season of Hard Knocks: Training Camp featuring the Dallas Cowboys. I want to watch it because they drafted Orlando Scandrick from Boise State and it would be interesting to see how he is doing, especially with Pacman Jones. The only thing I am not happy about this training camp is all of the Brett Favre HOOPLA! That is all that it is. Brett Favre is the most overhyped and overrated quarterback ever. Yes he won one Super Bowl and went to another. But guess what, Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw never lost one. Tom Brady only lost one because of a great effort by the Giants. Honestly, Brett Favre is like 20th or 30th on my list of the best quarterbacks of all time. He is not worth this attention. But other than that, this years football season is going to be a great one. Boise State got new stadium suites, which actually will help the student housing by blocking out the sun, which can get very hot when games start. College football is going to be great. I am rooting for USC and Georgia to make the BCS championship. If they do, I don't care who wins it. USC's quarterback, Matt Sanchez, is Mexican. In fact, ESPN the Magazine had an up close picture during a game last year and his mouthpiece was the Mexican flag. He is also from Zacatecas, which is where my family is from. The only problem he that he has gotten in trouble with drinking, but I am still rooting for the kid. Also his dad looks just like Pete Carroll. Here is a video of the photoshoot for the magazine.

Here is the link to the ariticle: Mark Sanchez story

Also, the Olympics start in 4 days. That will be exciting to see. I am more excited to see the Men's basketball team, track and field, and swimming. I really want to see the United States get that gold medal for the first time since 2000. The track and field is always good and I want to see Michael Phelps win all the gold medals. But fortunately, there is some sports to watch before football. I just can't wait.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Knight Review

Let me first start off by praising my wife Sharen. She got an Albertson's ad last week that offered two free movie tickets for buying 10 specific General Mills products. The stuff we bought was 1.50 each. It came out to 15 bucks and I got a 25.50 movie ticket. Pretty solid deal. So I got the tickets for the Imax for The Dark Knight. I was very giddy and very excited. Apparently, so was much of Boise. We went after getting some dinner. We got there at around 6:50 for the 7:30 show and there was already a big line waiting to get in. The show was sold out and I had already gotten the tickets last Thursday, fortunately. But we got the farthest row back because this screen is HUGE! Sharen and I had the best seats in the house! It was great. Now on to the movie!

I don't know if Sharen noticed the Imax pictures, but I sure did. I could tell when the movie went from Imax cameras to normal movie cameras but it was still cool. I might have to make The Dark Knight my first Blu-Ray DVD. As for the movie itself, this is the 2nd greatest Batman movie ever made. It beat its predecessor Batman Begins. No dialogue goes wasted and the action scenes were crazy. But what was crazy is that the majority of the action was done by the actors or by stuntmen. There was some CGI but it was all people based. I loved the fact that there was a back story to every main character. Batman and Rachel Dawes had history. The Joker and his insanity. Harvey Dent trying to save Gotham City. Commissioner Gordon becoming more of a major player and Batman becoming more and more a big time figure. Cristian Bale had done an excellent job as Bruce Wayne. He epitomizes what Bruce Wayne/Batman really are. This movie has just a great feel and a great flow. It kept going and going. It didn't have any bad scenes and no bad parts.

Heath Ledger's performance as the psychotic Joker was just insane. The movie theater laughed at how freaky and crazy he was. He was just great. You could not tell it was him being The Joker. Little things like him constantly licking his lips, his twitches, his hair, and his walk even made him a great Joker. He played a totally different Joker as well. Since this is a different story, it is fitting to have a totally different Joker compared to Jack Nicholson's rendition. The first Batman, tried more to have more of a comic book feel and these two new movies show more of the dark story that there is behind the comic book hero and his archenemies. Heath Ledger did exactly what he was supposed to. He showed that The Joker was not just about jokes, he had a dark history and his purposes are to darken people's lives. But the great thing is that he was not the main focus. He was the main villain, but the story was more central around Bruce Wayne and Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent. The movie left you wanting more Joker but not giving you too much of the late Heath Ledger.

To me, the real surprise is Aaron Eckhart's performance as Harvey Dent/Two-Face. He did a great job as a person who is trying his hardest to help the people of Gotham City and yet getting the short stick when it comes to his personal gain. He does a great job at being Two-Face. It is pretty gross but his outrage that comes from him having half of his face burned off is pretty good.

All in all, the movie did live up to my expectations. Out of the 6 Batman's, it is #2 to the first Batman. It did overtake its predecessor as #2. I absolutely loved it. I got a movie poster at the movie theater. I am going to frame it. And since this is my first Batman movie with my wife and I was happy. This was an experience and I loved it. This is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Thanks to her smarts and he noticing things, I got the best movie in years on an Imax screen for cheap! Great night and great experience!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

This is a quick notice to the two people that read this. I will be doing a review of The Dark Knight tonight or early tomorrow. I will be watching it at the Imax tonight and I am oh so excited. From what I have read and from what I have heard, Heath Ledger does an insane job of doing The Joker. It is going to be hard to beat the over the top Jack Nicholson rendition. But there are several differences between these two movies. The orginal Batman came out and it was great. It was somewhat dark yet exciting and funny and it had everything that a movie should have. Michael Keaton does a great job at being Batman and Bruce Wayne. Jack Nicholson should have won an Oscar for his performance as Joker. I love Batman and I can say that movie word for word. When Batman Begins came out, I was eagerly waiting to see what different writers and directors did with the story and they did not disappoint. Christopher Nolan, director of The Dark Knight and Batman Begins, is the new Tim Burton, director of the first two Batman's. Tim Burton also did A Nightmare before Christmas and more recently, Sweeney Todd. But fortunately for the public and all of us in general these two directors have their own style and have done a great job with movies. I am anxious to see the movie tonight. But know this, it will be dug into with a fine tooth comb because I am a huge fan of Batman. My review will not be bias at all! So see ya'll later!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I was watching the BET awards the other day and Nelly came on with a pretty cool song. I didn't know the name of the song but I liked it. So I was on YouTube today and I saw the video for the song I liked. It is called "Stepped on my J'z." It is with Jermaine Dupri and Ciara. Pretty cool video, especially when they do the shout out to the old Michael Jordan commercials with Spike Lee. The song is about stepping on Jordan shoes. I didn't own any Jordan's. In fact, one of my biggest regrets of my childhood is not begging for a pair. But I know that my parents gave me what they could and those expensive shoes were not one of them. But I have told Sharen which ones I would like someday but I am sure that she doesn't remember. But here goes the list of my top 5 Jordan shoes that I have always wanted. There are some hits and misses in the 23 years the brand has existed.

#5-Jordan XIII

Jordan XIII

I loved this combination. The hologram was awesome and the look of it was great. Unfortunately, this was one of the last good look shoe that Jordan has come out with.

#4-Jordan VIII

Jordan VIII (Aqua's)

These were the pair that I almost got. I remember that I was just one size to big to get the kid's size. They would have cost 50 bucks. But the adult size was 120! Go Figure! That is why they are so dear to my heart.

#3-Jordan XII

Jordan XII Playoffs Wht/Blk

This is the combination that I loved! The original came out inverse to this. In other words the white was the black and the black was the white. They were cool still but I liked the black on white. Great look. This is when the Jordan Shoe came back. It was still down after Jordan retired the first time and I think this was the shoe that he won the 4th of 6 championships, but I am not sure.

#2-Jordan XI

Jordan Xi

When Boyz II Men arrived at a award show and had these on with a tuxedo, you know you made more than just a shoe. Patent leather and the shoe just looked fly. This was the first show that I remember that had the leather that was shiny. At first I didn't like it, but as I have gotten older, I have realized that this was one of the best looking shoes EVER!!


#1-Jordan VI

Jordan VI

Jordan Retro VI's "Infrareds"

It deserves two pictures. This is one of the last shoes that I remember that has the Nike Air logo on the back of the shoe. I love the black. I love the red. I love the little air pocket. So subtle, yet it has the Nike touch. This was the pair that I really wanted. I remember seeing a kid on my school bus and he had these shoes. They were sweet! Ever since then, they are the pair that I have always wanted. They just a good looking shoe. So Sharen, the Jordan VI. I know it might never happen. But I guess that was the fun of growing up poor, you can get by it and appreciate the British Knights I did have! HAHAHA! Later!

P.S. Sorry that the pictures are too big for my column. But if any of you know how to make it bigger just tell me!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Random Thoughts Vol 2

Ok, I have a lot on my mind and I think this is going to be a reoccuring segment of my blog, if that makes any sense. Anyway, Here we go.

So this guy paid 2 million dollars to have a lunch with Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest men in the world and he made his fortune from the stock market. This is a cheap price to pay to pick the brain of a guy who has made billions of dollars. If I had the money, I would have done it. Too bad I didn't have the money.

Saturday Night Live is a show that has been overrated and underrated and sometimes forgotten. I see these great actors like Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, Christ Rock, Chris Farley, David Spade, Dennis Miller, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, Will Ferrell, and the list goes on. But right now, the new guys are doing great. I mean the clips of Natalie Portman's rap and Justin Timberlake's infamous "!@#$ in a box," and of course, the featured clip "Lazy Sunday."

There are no more sports! I can't wait for August and September. Besides Christmas, football is the gift that keeps on giving! Baseball is alright for now, but I guess I will just have to enjoy the summer. But I am so excited for football. I can't wait. Boise State just put in new turf and their new stadium suites are about done. What a great time of year football season is!

Summer movies are great. Iron Man was pretty good. Get Smart was great. Kung Fu Panda was OK. I haven't yet seen Indian Jones. The new Chronicles of Narnia is pretty good. But the apex of this summer is going to be July 18. The Dark Knight comes out and if you are not excited for this movie, you have no pulse. Heath Ledger's last performance and the previews of him being The Joker look awesome! Also, Stepbrothers and The Rocker and Pineapple Express look like out of this world comedies!

Wipeout is by far the funniest reality show that is out there. Great stuff. Watching people have to go near impossible obstacle courses is awesome! The only problem is that it isn't in HD! Everything should be in high definition now. There should be no show, especially on the big networks, that isn't in HD. That is why I have my HDTV!

I think this is for all! I will catch ya'll later!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Victoria Secret and me!

Ok, well yesterday Sharen wanted me to go to Victoria's Secret with her because she got a coupon for some stuff.  Well, if any of you don't know, Victoria's Secret is known more for it's women's underwear.  This is fine and all, but as a guy, I was so uncomfortable going.  Not because I was surrounded by panties and bras, but because of what happens while I am there.

Sharen found some stuff that she wanted to try one.  She went to try them on and I was outside waiting.  This is where my problems come in.  There was no where to sit and wait so I had to stand outside the dressing rooms.  Any other store, I could go look at stuff for me or look at something else or sit down.  But at Victoria's Secret I can't because if I do, I will look like a perve.  If I look at the fragrances, I will look like a femy guy.  It's a lose-lose situation.  Sharen came out and said that she needed to try on more stuff.  So she did.  Again, I felt very uncomfortable while she was there.  It was then that I lose being there waiting.  While just trying to mind my own business, Sharen walked out of the dressing room only asking me if I was checking out a girl there!  There is only girls there and if I am to look anywhere there is a girl.  I HADN'T EVEN NOTICED I WAS LOOKING AT A GIRL!!  This is why that I will not go to Victoria's Secret unless two things happen.  First, they add seats to sit in and wait and that they are outside of the dressing room hall and second, they add TV's with sports on it so you have something else to look at other than girly stuff!  I was so happy to leave!

That was my experience there.  I am done.  I don't want to remember it anymore.  Later!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random Thoughts!

I was very inspired this morning by Bill Simmons. Actually I am inspired to write this blog mostly because of him. Anyway, here is the link to his recent article.
The Ramblings

So all he did was write one or two sentences about random thoughts that he had. Mostly sports, but some very Pop culture related. And I have a lot of thoughts on pop culture stuff, so here are my Random Thoughts! (Note: I wish I could have added some special type of music after those last words)

Sharen watched the Bad Girls Club reunion show last night. Why do these reunion shows exist to begin with? Seriously, if this is reality TV, those women would not want to see each other. The ladies of Flavor of Love would not want to see Flava Flav with his new girl, RIGHT?

American Idol ended yesterday with David Cook winning. This brings me to this, Will American Idol ever go away? I mean the show will not be the same without Simon and if he is ever to leave, it would not be worth even watching. As Jimmy Kimmell said on the Finale, "This is the greatest karaoke show ever!"

These NBA playoffs have been pretty decent. They have been the best in recent years, but not as good as the Bulls-Knicks series of the 90's or even the Bulls-Cavs of the 90's. But if the Celtics can find a way to win in Detroit, everyone should just stop playing and give the championship to Boston. I feel that if they can get one win away from Boston, the season is over!

I heard a rumor that the NFL wants to add a 17th game to the season because the owners will be losing money from a lost preseason game. UM......I love the NFL and I love college football. But why do they want to do this. Do they want to add another week of hell to everyone's life? If I get another week of football, that means another week of girlie stuff later with Sharen. But not only that, I would have to worry about my fantasy football league a week longer. I can barely keep up as it is! Bad idea. They could probably make due with reducing the games.

We watched the Real World: Hollywood last night and well, this year has been the best in a long time. That is only thanks to some guy that thinks that he is God's gift to Earth. You know how some people think that but are for the most part at least people you can talk to. This guy is not! I mean, he literally thinks that he is great! He doesn't do anything great or act great, he just thinks it. And he is the one that has made all of the conflict in the house. I hate him, but thanks to him I can watch the show.

Oh yes, The Office Finale was last week and it was awesome! Pam will be in New York for a while for school and Jim was going to propose to her but he got blocked by Andy. Just a great show! Seriously, the greatest show on television. If more people don't start watching it, society will lose greatness just like with Arrested Development.

This Summer's movie lineup looks great. The Dark Knight, Get Smart, Indiana Jones, Hancock, and others that look great!! But when Sharen and I when to the Chronicles of Narnia last Friday, there was just a disgusting preview of a movie that is going to come out. It's about Chihuahua DOGS!! It disturbed me and I was mad! I hate rat dogs!

What did people do before the internet and technology? Seriously, they couldn't watch TV or they couldn't get up to the minute information. I don't know what I would do without a good TV show to watch or the internet to play on. But I love being around in this time.

Well I think that is it for now. I may have another blog like this. It was actually pretty fun thinking of just random thoughts. (Music) Later!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mario Kart!!

Mario Kart WIi

So here is my little review about Mario Kart! I got it on Saturday night. When I got home Sharen and I put it in and we went crazy. It was so fun. We had so much fun with the online feature that allows 2 players from one Wii and just racing each other. Everything was really great but I will break it down from here.

First off, the Wii wheel looked cool. It felt good and it looked like something that I was going to play with for a long time. I bought an extra one Wii Wheel so Sharen and I could use it. Well when we first started to play it wasn't that great. It was kind of hard to get used to the controls. After a couple of races we decided to play with the Classic Controller.

Wii classic controller

We both really liked the scheme and Sharen did very well at it. In fact, she was probably better than I was. After a while of racing the computer, we decided to play online. The online is 100% the best online experience that I have ever had. Great interface and easy to hook up with random people to play with. Not only in the United States, which is the norm with online games, but with people all over the world. Also, when you are set up to drive in the game, it shows you where the people are from, which is another great feature. It was fun and Sharen did very well. I didn't do so hot. It was really fun to see Sharen actually be better than me at a game!

On Sunday, I played the individual games and they were just as fun. You have the option of racing with karts and bikes. In the 50cc, the slowest and easiest levels, are only karts and the 100cc is bikes and the 150cc is both. I played with the controller for a while but I turned back to the Wii Wheel. I found that it was really easy to get used to. You just had to play with it for a while. I also played with the nunchuk, but I did not like it. My favorite in the end is the Wii Wheel. I think it is easy to get used to and it is fun to use. The competition is pretty fierce and it does try to get you if you are in first. I have heard that the 150cc is way hard because the computer tries to screw you over all the time. But we will see when I get there.

So far, Mario Kart Wii is the best game that I have played since Super Mario Galaxy. Super Smash Brothers Brawl was a big disappointment. There are a ton of people who love it but I can't get into it. It wasn't fun and the online was just plain horrible. I am glad that Mario Kart is the best game and it should be. It has problems of course, but it was a game I have been waiting for a while now and it was well worth the wait. Videos to come soon!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have some random links that I would like people to see and get to. Also, watch some videos.

Lupe Fiasco's videos from his CD "The Cool" Try to listen to the words and just listen to the stories he is telling. Especially "Dumb it Down"

Paris, Tokyo-

Hip Hop Saved my Life-


Dumb it Down-Note: This song isn't edited. Lupe is not the one that is doing the swearing, it's his counterparts to his song.

Kick, Push-The One that started it all!

I Gotcha-Just Because! Also the first parts of him and his girl remind me of Sharen and I!

This is where I get my up to date HD news. www.engadgethd.com

This is where I get my up to date Nintendo Wii News. www.nintendowiifanboy.com

Just in case ya'll didn't know, Hulu is now open to everyone! Check it out to watch The Office and Arrested Development!

Amazon Gold Box-Just in case you didn't read my previous post, here is Amazon Gold Box and read what it is all about. www.amazon.com/gp/goldbox

That is it for now. But check back later for more! Anyway, have fun!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guitar Hero

There was one thing that I was not expecting to be played in my home and on my Wii or future gaming systems. That was Guitar Hero. After my in laws got it and a Xbox 360, I thought it was just OK, but Sharen just loved it. She loved playing it and I had debated on whether to get it. Put into play last Friday when Amazon had Nintendo Wii games featured on their Gold Box page. If you don't know what that is, here is the website, but I will explain. http://www.amazon.com/gp/goldbox
What they do is they have a special product every day usually discounted at about 30 to 40 percent. Then they have special prices for only 3 hours on some certain products. Well, Guitar Hero was slashed by 25 bucks. And I signed up for Amazon Prime that got me free 2 day shipping! What a great buy. Anyway, we got the game yesterday and Sharen didn't even wait for me to rip it open and play. I thought that she would wait but I got home and she was having fun. She even played someone online. It was awesome to see how much fun she had. I played with the Wii Remote while she had the guitar but I am still not a total fan of it. I am just happy to see that Sharen now has a game that she really likes and that I don't so much.

But one thing that I am looking extremely forward to and I know Sharen is but not as much as me is Mario Kart Wii. I downloaded the Nintendo 64 version of the game onto our Wii and we have fun playing it. But the online allows for two players from one Wii to play and I am stoked to play with Sharen against people from all over the world. It is going to be the best part of having it. This will be blogged about later when I get the game.

There are two games that I really want to get and maybe I will but who knows. And there is another one that I want but I would have to buy a new system to get it. First, I want to get Grand Theft Auto IV. Sharen would not approve not only because of how graphic of a game it would be but also because I would have to buy a Playstation 3. But I also want to get Wii Fit and Rock Band for our Wii. Watch the video and you will see why.

That is all for now. Catch ya'll later!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Office and other things

The Office was finally back yesterday and it did not disappoint. Granted, it did make me a little uncomfortable but that is what made it great. I loved the little video camera OOPS that Michael did. Also, the fact that he told Jan that him and Pam had a thing before. Great stuff. And of course, what would an episode be without Angela doing something Angelaesque. Shoving that ice cream cone on the car door was just pure brilliance. That was an awesome ending and made watching the show bittersweet. Yes there still is 5 episodes left this season, but there are only 5 episodes until the new season will start sometime in the fall. But I will just enjoy the next couple of Thursdays. Sharen and I had some cheese dips to eat for celebration of the return of possibly the greatest show of the first decade of the new century. Arrested Development is up there too, but The Office is the best.

The Master's tournament is this weekend and in fact I am watching it right now because of Tiger Woods playing. I can only watch golf with Tiger playing. He has been struggling but he hit a third shot on the 18th that is for the ages. It was awesome! Once it is on Youtube, the shot will be on my blog. It hit someone else's ball and even the commentators were startled by what happened. Anyway, gotta go. Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

When music hits you

Lupe Fiasco is the best hip hop artist that is out right now. He is fresh and he is not all about strippers and getting cash and spinning rims. His song "Kick, Push" is one of my favorite songs of all time and it is about skateboarding! I hate skateboarding but the beat and the rhymes are just great. In "I Gotcha" which is produced by The Neptunes, he just speaks about having his girl. Nothing degrading, nothing bad, just good straight lyrics. His new album is great. I recommend it to everyone, even if you don't like rap or hip hop. "Superstar" is a great song. But the reason I am writing this is because of the song you are probably listening to or just stopped. "Hip Hop Saved My Life" is truly inspiring and and video is just great. Even though he talks about Hip Hop saving a person's life because they don't have to be drug dealers or other things, it can be other things. This is where the music hit me.

I needed this song because I have hating school so much. I just needed something to get me over that hump of finishing out the semester and finishing strong. Also, I am so happy to have my wife by my side. One of my favorite lines from that song is, "Keep his lady looking good, Have her rolling like she should." That is what I want for Sharen. I want her to be happy and have everything she wants. She is well worth it. She makes me laugh when I am down and she makes me feel good every morning waking up next to her. I love how she is in the morning. I love how crafty she is. In fact yesterday we went to some store in the mall that sells stuff to decorate your house and a lot of the stuff was expensive and I know Sharen could make most of the stuff that was there and for a fraction of the cost. She is awesome and I am a lucky guy to have her. So I can say that from having her as my wife she has saved my life and I can someday make it to heaven because of her!

Anyway, Lupe Fiasco is the man and I wish I could go to his concert along with Rihanna and another great, Kanye West in Seattle. In case any of you have 2 free tickets and round trip airfare for my wife and I out there, I would gladly take them off your hands! Anyway, that is all for now and whoever is reading this, I have the following urgent message:

THE OFFICE IS ON TONIGHT! WATCH IT! LIVE IT! ENJOY IT!! I will blog about it tomorrow! Later!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Have you ever danced with the devil in a pale moon light?

The greatest movie ever made is Batman! Seriously, it is funny, it has drama, action, and Jack Nicholson at his best. Him and his lines are great. I hope the late Heath Ledger didn't try to do the same as Jack in The Dark Knight but from the previews it looks like Ledger is more psychotic. They did such an excellent job with Batman that the next four after it had to live up to such high expectations. Also, the new ones have to be totally different. Tim Burton, the director of the movie, did an excellent job! I am currently watching it right now and I can't get enough of it. Come on, you can't say that "This town needs an enema!" is not a great quote!
Anyway, I missed two days because of homework and other things, but my wife LEFT ME!! For only a week. She went to San Antonio to visit her family. But it's spring break and I have to work and work in my internship. Also, I have a lot of homework to do so I am getting that done as well. But I am missing Sharen. I never knew how boring my life was without her. But because it is so exciting it is hard to get homework done. So now with me being boring, I can concentrate and maybe get good grades on school work. Anyway, catch ya'll later!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here we go!

Well here is the beginning of something crazy that I am doing! A running diary of the NCAA Tournament. Again, I am starting out here at work but I will work my way to my house and then to my sister's house and then again hit it up tomorrow.

10:20-Well they just started. It's Xavier vs. Georgia. And you got to love a name like the Xavier Musketeers. And this is annoying me, there is no audio. I can only hear the cheerleaders and the crowd. I like commentators, but maybe they suck so bad that they don't need them. Right now Xavier up 5-0.

10:24-This sucks. A Xavier player just got nailed in the face and I didn't know about it because there is no audio. I hope they fix this before we get to more important games.

10:28-I just changed it over the the Kansas-Portland State game. This is going to be ugly. Kansas was beating teams down all year. But we will see. Also, I am changing my browser from Firefox to Internet Explorer. Hopefully this will get me audio. And it sure did. Also, Sharen just called me to see her outside. So I missed some of the game. But Kansas is up on Portland State and Temple is up one on Michigan State. And Georgia and Xavier are tied..

10:42-I am watching or listening the Temple-Michigan State game I just heard something interesting. Temple's coach is a teacher at the Temple Business School. He has his master's degree and the commentators were saying that he is a bright guy. That is a first. I like the fact that a coach is a teacher. Also, I love the commentators in this game. Gus Johnson is the man. But I will get into that when I get home.

10:50-Well a lot of people's dark horse is down. Xavier is down 6 with 7 minutes left in the first half. This would be a big upset but Georgia is playing great basketball right now! But we will see what happens. There is still time.

11:06-Well I hope that these games start getting closer. Michigan State is starting to pull away from Temple, which is annoying because I just do. Also, Gus Johnson is calling the game and if it is an exciting game, he will call the game as if I was there. But Georgia is up 9 and Michigan State up 11 and Kansas is up 19!

11:23-Well, everyone is at the half and all three games have the leader winning by at least 10 points. But I did have a thought. I just filled out my timesheet online and I am watching the games online and my work is all done in the internet. What is great about all of this is that I get it done all online. But sometimes, the programs don't work which sucks. Like right now, the games are having some audio problems. That sucks, I mean I am not complaining that I get to watch them online, but I would like the full enjoyment. Also here at work, our program that we use to store the transcripts is not that great. But the idea is great. It just could and should be tweaked a little bit to get it done right!

11:49-Well, there is only one major story brewing here. Georgia is up 8 on Xavier. If Georgia wins, this would be a big upset. I personally thought that Xavier had a too high of a seed. They should have been in the tournament but Butler or Drake should have been that three seed. But in the time I am writing this, Xavier is only down 6. This is going to be good!

11:55-I just realized that I am not going to have the perfect bracket, but oh well. I chose Temple to upset Michigan State. But it's not going to happen. It's all good though. And if Xavier loses, well then I am in even worse trouble. But hopefully things go well for me!

12:01-OK, on TV at least this dude looks like he is 45 with 4 kids.

12:13-I went away to help at the front desk and all of a sudden Xavier is up 5. Well, maybe not all is lost!

12:35-Well, it looks like Xavier is going to pull it out. That's cool. A near upset but the top seeds have advanced thus far. Kentucky and Marquette are about to start and this is another game I hate a team. The team is Kentucky. Even though Ashley Judd cheers from them a ton, I hate them with all that I have. They are like a bad rash. It's just an annoying thing to have!

1:09-I just got home and I am doing some clothes folding right now. This is awesome. Watching games, doing housework and I will be getting some Mountain Dew here in a bit. Here locally, we are getting the Kentucky-Marquette game. I am routing for Marquette who is up by 4 right now. UNLV is up by 7 and Oral Roberts and Pittsburgh just started. I was just annoyed by a plug for a CBS show. This is what bugs me about CBS. They promote their shows and the only good thing they have on their channel is sports. They are lucky to have the NCAA Tournament, The Masters, and the Super Bowl once in a while. Well whatever, just as long as they keep Gus Johnson.

2:20-Sharen needed some clothes washed before her trip and she asked me to do it. So since I wasn't going to class today and since I wasn't doing anything besides watching TV, I am here washing. In fact, Sharen and I go to a laundrymat where they have a TV so I am watching the game that is on TV. They also have wireless internet access so I can watch the other games but for some strange reason, the program isn't working. There is like 12000 people in line waiting to get in to watch the games and nothing. My number does not go down. Maybe the system is down or something. Anyway, this Kentucky Marquette game is interesting. Marquette is only winning by 6. Fortunately, the other games are mostly blowouts. Also, it gave me time to see the story about the lady who was stuck on the toilet for two years. Her body grew onto the toilet. Pretty gross, anyway, her BOYFRIEND was charged with not taking care of an adult. She had a boyfriend. So, how did she not get off the toilet? Weird. Here is the story:

2:39-HOLY COW! Kentucky was down 6 and then made a three. After fouling, Marquette made 2 free throws to get ahead by 5. Kentucky just went down and shot another 3, now they are only down 2. But Marquette just made both free throws. Kentucky just lost the ball. And that was ball game. Go Marquette. The world is a better place with Kentucky out of the tournament. UNLV impressed me today. It may have been the 17 turnovers by Kent State, but they could upset Kansas. Let's hope!

3:03-Well, I am out for now, but I will be back. The games are blowouts and unless Stanford gets beat, I won't be back until later today when the second set of games start up again. I will also report from my sister's house. Later

5:10-Well its time to start the second half of the tournament. Here on my TV I am getting BYU vs. Texas A&M. But we are starting with USC and Kansas State, and this is the game I want to watch. This is gong to be the most exciting game thsu far of the tournament. And so far, Kansas State is up. Duke is starting out with Belmont. I think this will be a roll over of Belmont but we will see what happens.

6:13-BYU is down to Texas A&M and they are down 6 right now. But they didn't make a shot in the first couple of minutes but I am sure it will be alright. Anyway, what I have been wanting to talk about for a while is the wonderful HD signal that CBS gives out. Yes their programming sucks, but at least they are doing something right. Not only that, how great is high definition. I love my HDTV and my Wii looks awesome on it. Also, HD channels are sweet. Seriously, once you see the difference, you cannot go back! The only thing I have to complain about is that I have Dish Network and they gave me a free HD DVR but they don't have as many HD channels now as DirecTV. They had more but DirecTV got more. But I am sure that I will have all the channels I want in the future. I am glad for DVR as well. Well, I only like it to rewind what I am watching. But Sharen uses it more than I do. Anywho, if you don't have an HDTV get one as soon as possible with an HD provider!

6:23-I just remembered something. In last years tournament, Bill Simmons said that the BYU cheerleaders looked into the camera and looked like they were trying to say that "I am Mormon and I am hot and you can't have me so you have to stay in that cage!" or something like that. It was pretty funny. Anyway, I laughed right now that at the half they had the BYU cheerleaders again looking into the camera. I laughed. I wonder if that is what they really think?

Running Diary

I know that whoever reads this, all 2 of you probably want to know what is going to happen to me today during the NCAA Tournament. Well, guess what, I am going to write a running diary. I will start at work only being able to watch three of the four games that are on. I will finish today after the first session of games because I am taking Sharen to Twin Falls. This is why I wanted to write this as well.

Sharen is leaving me! Well, only for a week, but still its going to feel like an eternity. I know we have cell phones and we can call each other at anytime, but still, its going to be hard. But I am glad that she is going so she can spend time with her family in San Antonio. The only problem is that she went 2 weeks too early. If she went in two weeks, she could catch the Final Four. But anyway, I will be alone at my house doing homework so its not like I won't have anything to do. I seriously have so much homework and I better get it all done. Anyway, I will mis Sharen. I am going to miss her mischief that she causes around my house. She also has cooked great meals recently and I am going to miss the food she makes me. But I am going to make myself pizza that she made for me first. Well I am going to try at least. She got me Mountain Dew and candy for Easter and the tournament. So I will be all jacked up for my running diary. I am going to try to do one tomorrow as well. I will miss Sharen a ton. I am especially going to miss her Sunday when I have to teach our primary kids. I am going to do my best but my best doesn't even compare to her half best, if that makes sense. Anyway, look for the updated diary here at the blog. Later!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


What is going on with television? What has my world come to? I mentioned this in my previous blog on Myspace. I hate what is on TV right now. Of course you have your consistents like The Office and Grey's Anatomy and Heroes and other newer shows like Pushing Daisies. But honestly, who allows so much crap on TV. Sharen watches this show called "The Bad Girls Club" where like 12 or 15 disgruntled ladies live together. They all have one common attribute, they are all psychotic! Then she watches "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and that is just another to allow these already narcissistic people be even more full of themselves. American Idol is another show that just bugs me. I watch it because it is one of the only things Sharen really enjoys that I can watch with her. We watch other shows like Law and Order and Medium together that are good but I can't watch those other shows. And there are other shows that I just can't believe exist. "Survivor" is one show that I can't believe is still on. But then again whatever is on CBS besides sports is worthless. Thanks to the writer's strike, there all of a sudden came up more reality shows because networks needed to have programming and they had the reality kick again. But hopefully these shows go away. They were starting to and now with the writers being back, maybe, just maybe they will go away. TMZ also got its own show. Why? They don't need their own show. TMZ is just one of those things that should never exist. I hate how the paparazzi is just out of control and seriously having PART, not blamed for, part in the celebrities going into rehab. And even there they are followed!

Of course there are good reality shows. I mean, have you seen Dirty Jobs. That dude gets down and dirty with the real jobs that are out there. That is a good show because it makes you grateful for what you have. Man vs. Wild, even though he does stay in hotels, Bear still eats and drinks random stuff to keep himself alive. And of course there is still The Office. I hope there TV executives get their heads on straight and go back to more shows that are better, wittier, and great. But for now, enjoy what was good with TV a while back!

And click this link and enjoy: http://www.bagofshoes.com/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1167064717&archive=&start_from=&ucat=1&page=videos

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mexican History

Right now I am in my history class that is named Modern Latin America. We have been talking about the independence of most of the Latin American countries. We are about to start a movie called "Viva Zapata!" It is a 1950's film with the great Marlon Brando. I am excited to watch it. My only problem is that I have to write a paper about the movie and a book we had to read about Emiliano Zapata and well I haven't read the book. But I am sure that I will be alright. Also, before I continue, if you haven't see "The Godfather," I highly recommend it. It is on once in a while on A&E edited and still well done. You can record it and watch it bit by bit. Marlon Brando is awesome in that flick. He was nominated for an Academy Award for "Viva Zapata!" and he is a great actor. Anyway, the point I am trying make here is that one reason I was looking forward to this class was because I wanted to know more about Mexican history. But our teacher has concentrated more on Argentina and still will later when we talk about Eva Peron. But this little bit is pretty fun. I want to know where I came from.

I am proud of my parents. I am proud to be a Mexican. My parents have taught me how to live like a true Mexican. A person that is trying to keep growing and to establish myself as successful person. My mom once told me that I had a relative that was in Pancho Villa's army. In fact he was a higher up in his army. I am proud of that. I am very grateful to my parents for their guidance and their influence on me. I am proud that my wife has Mexican roots as well.

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's been even longer

I told Sharen yesterday that I needed to write a blog and I was wanting to write one everyday. And she mocked me saying that I should make more realistic goals like once every month or even once every two weeks, but that was if I was lucky! Anyway, I am going to try to put somethin in everyday this week and we will see how it goes. As you can tell, I put on a music player of some songs I like right now. If you don't like it, just hit pause, but I recommend that you don't. Anyway, a lot has gone on in the last little while. I am doing an internship at the office I work at on campus here at Boise State. I am helping to start the school to start international recruitment efforts. Up until now they have never actually gone out to recruitment internationally. So I am having fun and the things I am doing have a lot to do with what I am actually studying. And hopefully I will graduate in December. That will be the best thing so I can just get out of school!

Sharen and I are coming up on 2 years of being married and it has gone by so fast. I am happy that we have been married for that long and I can't wait for what is in store for the future. No kids yet. We are just enjoying each other and enjoying the time we have together. She has been so creative recently. Just click over to the right after you are done here and see her crafts. She impresses me everyday! I love her very much.

This week is the beginning of one of the most important events in the world! The NCAA tournament is going to start on Thursday and Boise State made it this year! They will be playing on Friday at around 7:30 PM. I am pretty pumped. But this is what is great about sports. This tournament is one of my favorite things that happens all year because it is awesome! Just watch for a second and some of the greatest miracles happen. Just look at this clip from last year with the greatest college basketball announcer, Gus Johnson.


I just hope he is in Birmingham to call the Boise State game when we upset Louisville. But I think there will be more on the tournament later this week.

Just some quick links for everyone to hit up. Remember most of these are not because of me and my findings. Most of them are from other people. But here we go:

Here is a great video site that just opened up to the general public: http://www.hulu.com
The Office is on here for free which is the main reason to look at it. Also, Arrested Development. The most underrated show of all time! Again, I think there will be more of this later. But for now enjoy this.

Go to the website, and sit on front of your computer and watch every episode free even with those annoying 15 second commercials, it is well worth it. You will not stop laughing.

This is awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cryGyND4jw4
The same clip done over: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b89CnP0Iq30

Anyway, there isn't that many. But waste your time watching Arrested Development. Seriously, this funniest show I have seen besides The Office.

Well hopefully you will see a blog from me tomorrow! Catch ya'll later.