Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have some random links that I would like people to see and get to. Also, watch some videos.

Lupe Fiasco's videos from his CD "The Cool" Try to listen to the words and just listen to the stories he is telling. Especially "Dumb it Down"

Paris, Tokyo-

Hip Hop Saved my Life-


Dumb it Down-Note: This song isn't edited. Lupe is not the one that is doing the swearing, it's his counterparts to his song.

Kick, Push-The One that started it all!

I Gotcha-Just Because! Also the first parts of him and his girl remind me of Sharen and I!

This is where I get my up to date HD news.

This is where I get my up to date Nintendo Wii News.

Just in case ya'll didn't know, Hulu is now open to everyone! Check it out to watch The Office and Arrested Development!

Amazon Gold Box-Just in case you didn't read my previous post, here is Amazon Gold Box and read what it is all about.

That is it for now. But check back later for more! Anyway, have fun!