Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I was watching the BET awards the other day and Nelly came on with a pretty cool song. I didn't know the name of the song but I liked it. So I was on YouTube today and I saw the video for the song I liked. It is called "Stepped on my J'z." It is with Jermaine Dupri and Ciara. Pretty cool video, especially when they do the shout out to the old Michael Jordan commercials with Spike Lee. The song is about stepping on Jordan shoes. I didn't own any Jordan's. In fact, one of my biggest regrets of my childhood is not begging for a pair. But I know that my parents gave me what they could and those expensive shoes were not one of them. But I have told Sharen which ones I would like someday but I am sure that she doesn't remember. But here goes the list of my top 5 Jordan shoes that I have always wanted. There are some hits and misses in the 23 years the brand has existed.

#5-Jordan XIII

Jordan XIII

I loved this combination. The hologram was awesome and the look of it was great. Unfortunately, this was one of the last good look shoe that Jordan has come out with.

#4-Jordan VIII

Jordan VIII (Aqua's)

These were the pair that I almost got. I remember that I was just one size to big to get the kid's size. They would have cost 50 bucks. But the adult size was 120! Go Figure! That is why they are so dear to my heart.

#3-Jordan XII

Jordan XII Playoffs Wht/Blk

This is the combination that I loved! The original came out inverse to this. In other words the white was the black and the black was the white. They were cool still but I liked the black on white. Great look. This is when the Jordan Shoe came back. It was still down after Jordan retired the first time and I think this was the shoe that he won the 4th of 6 championships, but I am not sure.

#2-Jordan XI

Jordan Xi

When Boyz II Men arrived at a award show and had these on with a tuxedo, you know you made more than just a shoe. Patent leather and the shoe just looked fly. This was the first show that I remember that had the leather that was shiny. At first I didn't like it, but as I have gotten older, I have realized that this was one of the best looking shoes EVER!!


#1-Jordan VI

Jordan VI

Jordan Retro VI's "Infrareds"

It deserves two pictures. This is one of the last shoes that I remember that has the Nike Air logo on the back of the shoe. I love the black. I love the red. I love the little air pocket. So subtle, yet it has the Nike touch. This was the pair that I really wanted. I remember seeing a kid on my school bus and he had these shoes. They were sweet! Ever since then, they are the pair that I have always wanted. They just a good looking shoe. So Sharen, the Jordan VI. I know it might never happen. But I guess that was the fun of growing up poor, you can get by it and appreciate the British Knights I did have! HAHAHA! Later!

P.S. Sorry that the pictures are too big for my column. But if any of you know how to make it bigger just tell me!