Monday, April 28, 2008

Mario Kart!!

Mario Kart WIi

So here is my little review about Mario Kart! I got it on Saturday night. When I got home Sharen and I put it in and we went crazy. It was so fun. We had so much fun with the online feature that allows 2 players from one Wii and just racing each other. Everything was really great but I will break it down from here.

First off, the Wii wheel looked cool. It felt good and it looked like something that I was going to play with for a long time. I bought an extra one Wii Wheel so Sharen and I could use it. Well when we first started to play it wasn't that great. It was kind of hard to get used to the controls. After a couple of races we decided to play with the Classic Controller.

Wii classic controller

We both really liked the scheme and Sharen did very well at it. In fact, she was probably better than I was. After a while of racing the computer, we decided to play online. The online is 100% the best online experience that I have ever had. Great interface and easy to hook up with random people to play with. Not only in the United States, which is the norm with online games, but with people all over the world. Also, when you are set up to drive in the game, it shows you where the people are from, which is another great feature. It was fun and Sharen did very well. I didn't do so hot. It was really fun to see Sharen actually be better than me at a game!

On Sunday, I played the individual games and they were just as fun. You have the option of racing with karts and bikes. In the 50cc, the slowest and easiest levels, are only karts and the 100cc is bikes and the 150cc is both. I played with the controller for a while but I turned back to the Wii Wheel. I found that it was really easy to get used to. You just had to play with it for a while. I also played with the nunchuk, but I did not like it. My favorite in the end is the Wii Wheel. I think it is easy to get used to and it is fun to use. The competition is pretty fierce and it does try to get you if you are in first. I have heard that the 150cc is way hard because the computer tries to screw you over all the time. But we will see when I get there.

So far, Mario Kart Wii is the best game that I have played since Super Mario Galaxy. Super Smash Brothers Brawl was a big disappointment. There are a ton of people who love it but I can't get into it. It wasn't fun and the online was just plain horrible. I am glad that Mario Kart is the best game and it should be. It has problems of course, but it was a game I have been waiting for a while now and it was well worth the wait. Videos to come soon!