Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Having fantasies are things that always happen to all people. But my funnest fantasy it the one that I am about to live on Sunday and Monday. I have my fantasy football drafts. I have been an active fantasy player ever since I got back from my mission. My roommate Brett invited me to join his group of friends and family and it was one of the funnest experiences I had. It brought me up to speed after my mission on football and it made me more aware of players that I may not have known of. I almost won the league that year. I did end up taking third and I thought it was a strong showing for my first year and my first attempt. I haven't done so hot recently especially in Fantasy Baseball. But this is our first year of doing fantasy college football. But from what I have seen, we don't have enough players to play yet. Sharen doesn't like this time of year because it is the start of football season and I am pretty sure she gets tired of me talking about fantasy football. Although the first year we were married, she told me to draft Jose Contreras, her maiden name, and he had his best year of his career that year. I got to the semifinals of my league but lost. She has given me the best fantasy advice without knowing who the players are.

Anyway, I will update who I have on my teams after the drafts. But watching ESPN right now, there was a highlight of the Little League World Series. The announcer was Brett Musburger. He has the best announcing voice. I love hearing his voice for football games. I love how he says FUMBLE!! He is great! Oh I am just so pumped for football. I am watching the Dallas Cowboys weekly feature on HBO. This is a grat show.