Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, it has been a while since I posted a blog. I had a minute after studying and I thought this would be a good time to give just some short comments about some topics that I have on my mind. Granted, these are short comments about some things.

First and foremost, the election. President Elect Obama won the election. We all knew it was going to happen. I am worried for somethings that could possibly happen with Obama. I heard he is not to happy with NAFTA and with other trade agreements the US has. That is not good. We need free trade. Also, I was reading he wants to use stem cell research. This just brings up other ethical questions. But we will see what happens once he gets into office. One small misstep and he will have even more problems than he has now.

Proposition 8!-A great victory for everyone! I am so grateful to the people of California to pass this. But I am tired of the gay people to blame the church for it passing. My buddy Brett sent me an email saying that he saw a stat that 70 percent of minorities voted to approve Proposition 8. The church makes up a small number of residents in California. Quit crying that you lost and quit trying to find someone to blame.

Football!! Is the greatest sport in the freaking world!! First, President Obama should seriously take initiative and make college football a playoff. No matter what he does, if he does that, he will possibly be one of the greatest presidents ever. The NFL is crazy. I don't see how the rest of the world just doesn't get into it. They need to. Great athletes playing a great sport. By the way, GO BRONCOS!!

GRADUATION!!-I am about 4 weeks from graduating with my Bachelors Degree. I never thought I would do it. But I am almost there and I am excited. I can't wait. It's going to be a great time. I am so happy. Every test that I take is just one more step to get there.

Christmas-I love Christmas. We celebrate the birth of Christ, our savior, but the actual holiday has a season. Stores are trying to extend that season. I mean I went to Walmart and heard CHRISTMAS MUSIC!! I hardly saw any Thanksgiving stuff. Whatever. Retailers wonder why they are struggling. Just get your act together.

Speaking of Christmas, I have Christmas, my birthday, and my graduation all around the same time. I asked my family to just combine and not spend a dime on me except for a Playstation 3. I bought it this past weekend and got it yesterday. I am just waiting for my HDMI cable. Now all I want is a job.

VH1 is a dumb channel. It started out Ok, but now it is horrible. Chance of love, Sharon Osborne has a show on there, I Love Money, these shows are just horrible. And then when they do something good, they screw it up. They did a list of the 100 greatest hip hop songs and Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" was #1. That is just stupid. I made a list and everything to post but I want to perfect it. Anyway, I have Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life" as #1. What ya'll think?

My TV shows have been pretty good this year. The Office like always is great. They need more Jim and Pam together shots instead of her being in New York. It kind of has messed with chemistry. If Holly is gone, I will be pissed. MIchael and Holly were awesome. But the Dwight and Angela and Andy complex has been interesting. But the highlight of the season was undoubtedly Creed and his Joker Halloween outfit! Just great.

And finally but most importantly, I want to give you a piece of my mind about Sharen. She is the greatest wife in the world and she is flat out awesome. The other day she started talking about wanting to have tinfoil dinners. She made them and they were good!! She has been making bows, scrabble pendants, and other random things that I just love. I love watching her. She is just so full of life but most of all, I love to see her sleep. It is just a great feeling. My Heavenly Father really wanted me to be happy. That is why he let me marry her. I love you Shar.

I think this is all for now. Leave comments and have other people read! Later


Shamae said...

Well Memo, first and foremost, congrats on graduation!! I graduated last may and it is a great feeling!! Well done! Congrats on the PS3...enjoy that! Sharen sounds great! I am glad you are so happy! Take care and don't get "trunky" with your grades. ;)