Thursday, April 10, 2008

When music hits you

Lupe Fiasco is the best hip hop artist that is out right now. He is fresh and he is not all about strippers and getting cash and spinning rims. His song "Kick, Push" is one of my favorite songs of all time and it is about skateboarding! I hate skateboarding but the beat and the rhymes are just great. In "I Gotcha" which is produced by The Neptunes, he just speaks about having his girl. Nothing degrading, nothing bad, just good straight lyrics. His new album is great. I recommend it to everyone, even if you don't like rap or hip hop. "Superstar" is a great song. But the reason I am writing this is because of the song you are probably listening to or just stopped. "Hip Hop Saved My Life" is truly inspiring and and video is just great. Even though he talks about Hip Hop saving a person's life because they don't have to be drug dealers or other things, it can be other things. This is where the music hit me.

I needed this song because I have hating school so much. I just needed something to get me over that hump of finishing out the semester and finishing strong. Also, I am so happy to have my wife by my side. One of my favorite lines from that song is, "Keep his lady looking good, Have her rolling like she should." That is what I want for Sharen. I want her to be happy and have everything she wants. She is well worth it. She makes me laugh when I am down and she makes me feel good every morning waking up next to her. I love how she is in the morning. I love how crafty she is. In fact yesterday we went to some store in the mall that sells stuff to decorate your house and a lot of the stuff was expensive and I know Sharen could make most of the stuff that was there and for a fraction of the cost. She is awesome and I am a lucky guy to have her. So I can say that from having her as my wife she has saved my life and I can someday make it to heaven because of her!

Anyway, Lupe Fiasco is the man and I wish I could go to his concert along with Rihanna and another great, Kanye West in Seattle. In case any of you have 2 free tickets and round trip airfare for my wife and I out there, I would gladly take them off your hands! Anyway, that is all for now and whoever is reading this, I have the following urgent message:

THE OFFICE IS ON TONIGHT! WATCH IT! LIVE IT! ENJOY IT!! I will blog about it tomorrow! Later!