Thursday, August 14, 2008


The Olympics have been pretty good thus far. There have been some quirks but I will get to those later. This is my venting about the Olympics and my praising the Olympics. Let's start with the good. The competition has been great. I have not had this much national pride for such a long time. I really want to beat the Chinese in the Medal Count but most importantly in the gold medal count. The Chinese are spanking us in the gold medals, but I don't know how many are actually because the games are in China. I am really happy we spanked China in basketball with both genders. I am routing hard for our Men's team to win the gold. This will be my only time to route for Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. I am routing the baseball team and the softball team and cheering on Michael Phelps. I was pretty upset with that girl, I can't remember her name, that lost the gymnastics gold for us. But that is what has made the Olympics great. It's us against them!

Luckily for us, NBC got to show basketball again! But there was something that I didn't expect, THE NBA ON NBC theme music! HOw can you not love this! This just added to the excitement I have for beating everyone else in the world in basketball. Here is the introduction when the Bulls beat the Jazz in the '98 Finals.

The Opening ceremony was great. There are also some complaints there but that is for later. China has been a decent host. I mean there are 1.3 billion people that we don't know much about except they make our stuff that we buy. But I think this is where the good things end.

First of all, living in the West is great. Football starts earlier and things start earlier. I love it! BUT, right now is where we all get hosed. First, the Eastern and Central Time Zones are getting things live. But then when "Primetime" comes to the Western and Pacific time zone, we get what has already been shown. I already know the results and it's not actually live! I don't mind knowing the results, I just prefer to watch what I can LIVE! Luckily I have Dish Network and I can watch some events live and it's pretty cool. This is getting annoying but especially when I want to watch the likes of Michael Phelps. So if we were to get everything live, the coverage would start around 4 or 5 and end at 9 or 10. Now they start at 6 and end around 12! COME ON! Apparently NBC did this also during the Salt Lake City Winter Games. I mean seriously! I live in the same time zone!

The Opening Ceremony was great. There was a lot of lights and a lot of cool displays. That part where the human hydrolic system was pushing big squares up and down. They showed that there was people under the boxes but I am very doubtful. Anyone can just be sitting there waiting for their moment to show up. But the biggest scandal was the little girl singing was actually lip singing and the original voice was too ugly to be shown on TV. She is now known as the oympic Milli Vanilli!

The Chinese are getting too many calls in the games. But it is expected from the judges because they can't be fair and let 1 billion people go after them. In the sports that actually require head to head competition and no judging, the US is doing 100% better. The basketball teams, the swimming, the running so far, and other events. But like Gymnastics and diving that require judging they are for sure getting higher scores.

So far, the Olympics have been great and I am glad to have something to watch before football. I am pumped. I haven't watched too much on NBC, I mostly watch on Universal HD and USA and CNBC because they show the events live, but I hope NBC has been promoting The Office more than ever. Hopefully more people will watch the show more and more! I was remembering that Seinfeld was almost cancelled because people didn't watch it but it became the greatest show EVER. The Office will not top Seinfeld, but it is the best show since Seinfeld and hopefully the Olympics brings it more viewers! Watch the Olympics and route hard for the US of A!!