Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fantasy Update

As was mentioned in my previous post, I was going to update the two of you that read this, how my fantasy drafts went. Well they are over and my teams look decently. We did not end up having enough people to do the college fantasy draft. But I am having a joy right now. I am currently in my Sports Marketing class. This class is the best class that I have ever taken and I have only been here for 2 days. These are my two favorite things to talk about business and sports. Also, COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS ON TONIGHT!! We got South Carolina vs. North Carolina State and Wake Forest vs. Baylor and Oregon State vs. Stanford. That is what is on TV in HD! I don't have ESPNU but they are having some games too. This is a wonderful time! I am so jacked up and this class makes me even more excited. I feel sorry for Sharen because I can say that I am watching football for research! HAHAHA!!

Anyway, back to my fantasy leagues. I ended up drafting in two leagues. Here are my starting lineups for Week 1.

Overrated Like Favre-
QB: Matt Hasselbeck-Seattle Seahawks
WR: Brandon Marshall-Denver Broncos
WR: Santonio Holmes-Pittsburgh Steelers
RB: Joseph Addai-Indianapolis Colts
RB: Ryan Grant-Green Bay Packers
TE: Heath Miller-Pittsburgh Steelers
W/T: Marvin Harrison-Indianapolis Colts
W/R: Willis McGahee-Baltimore Ravens
K: Adam Vinatieri-Indianapolis Colts
DEF: San Diego Chargers

Fedex Field-
QB: Drew Brees-New Orleans Saints
WR: Larry Fitzgerald-Arizona Cardinals
WR: Santonio Holmes-Pittsburgh Steelers
RB: Frank Gore-San Francisco 49ers
RB: Earnest Graham-Tampa Bay Buccaneers
TE: Dallas Clark-Indianapolis Colts
W/R: Thomas Jones-New York Jets
K: Josh Brown-Seattle Seahawks
DEF: New York Giants

These are my starters. I am excited. I think I have a chance in both leagues just as long as my players stay healthy! I need to win of these leagues someday. I hope this is my year. I feel that my bench players also will be good enough to win one of my leagues. Everyone wish me luck!


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