Friday, April 11, 2008

The Office and other things

The Office was finally back yesterday and it did not disappoint. Granted, it did make me a little uncomfortable but that is what made it great. I loved the little video camera OOPS that Michael did. Also, the fact that he told Jan that him and Pam had a thing before. Great stuff. And of course, what would an episode be without Angela doing something Angelaesque. Shoving that ice cream cone on the car door was just pure brilliance. That was an awesome ending and made watching the show bittersweet. Yes there still is 5 episodes left this season, but there are only 5 episodes until the new season will start sometime in the fall. But I will just enjoy the next couple of Thursdays. Sharen and I had some cheese dips to eat for celebration of the return of possibly the greatest show of the first decade of the new century. Arrested Development is up there too, but The Office is the best.

The Master's tournament is this weekend and in fact I am watching it right now because of Tiger Woods playing. I can only watch golf with Tiger playing. He has been struggling but he hit a third shot on the 18th that is for the ages. It was awesome! Once it is on Youtube, the shot will be on my blog. It hit someone else's ball and even the commentators were startled by what happened. Anyway, gotta go. Enjoy the weekend!