Thursday, March 20, 2008

Running Diary

I know that whoever reads this, all 2 of you probably want to know what is going to happen to me today during the NCAA Tournament. Well, guess what, I am going to write a running diary. I will start at work only being able to watch three of the four games that are on. I will finish today after the first session of games because I am taking Sharen to Twin Falls. This is why I wanted to write this as well.

Sharen is leaving me! Well, only for a week, but still its going to feel like an eternity. I know we have cell phones and we can call each other at anytime, but still, its going to be hard. But I am glad that she is going so she can spend time with her family in San Antonio. The only problem is that she went 2 weeks too early. If she went in two weeks, she could catch the Final Four. But anyway, I will be alone at my house doing homework so its not like I won't have anything to do. I seriously have so much homework and I better get it all done. Anyway, I will mis Sharen. I am going to miss her mischief that she causes around my house. She also has cooked great meals recently and I am going to miss the food she makes me. But I am going to make myself pizza that she made for me first. Well I am going to try at least. She got me Mountain Dew and candy for Easter and the tournament. So I will be all jacked up for my running diary. I am going to try to do one tomorrow as well. I will miss Sharen a ton. I am especially going to miss her Sunday when I have to teach our primary kids. I am going to do my best but my best doesn't even compare to her half best, if that makes sense. Anyway, look for the updated diary here at the blog. Later!