Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Knight Review

Let me first start off by praising my wife Sharen. She got an Albertson's ad last week that offered two free movie tickets for buying 10 specific General Mills products. The stuff we bought was 1.50 each. It came out to 15 bucks and I got a 25.50 movie ticket. Pretty solid deal. So I got the tickets for the Imax for The Dark Knight. I was very giddy and very excited. Apparently, so was much of Boise. We went after getting some dinner. We got there at around 6:50 for the 7:30 show and there was already a big line waiting to get in. The show was sold out and I had already gotten the tickets last Thursday, fortunately. But we got the farthest row back because this screen is HUGE! Sharen and I had the best seats in the house! It was great. Now on to the movie!

I don't know if Sharen noticed the Imax pictures, but I sure did. I could tell when the movie went from Imax cameras to normal movie cameras but it was still cool. I might have to make The Dark Knight my first Blu-Ray DVD. As for the movie itself, this is the 2nd greatest Batman movie ever made. It beat its predecessor Batman Begins. No dialogue goes wasted and the action scenes were crazy. But what was crazy is that the majority of the action was done by the actors or by stuntmen. There was some CGI but it was all people based. I loved the fact that there was a back story to every main character. Batman and Rachel Dawes had history. The Joker and his insanity. Harvey Dent trying to save Gotham City. Commissioner Gordon becoming more of a major player and Batman becoming more and more a big time figure. Cristian Bale had done an excellent job as Bruce Wayne. He epitomizes what Bruce Wayne/Batman really are. This movie has just a great feel and a great flow. It kept going and going. It didn't have any bad scenes and no bad parts.

Heath Ledger's performance as the psychotic Joker was just insane. The movie theater laughed at how freaky and crazy he was. He was just great. You could not tell it was him being The Joker. Little things like him constantly licking his lips, his twitches, his hair, and his walk even made him a great Joker. He played a totally different Joker as well. Since this is a different story, it is fitting to have a totally different Joker compared to Jack Nicholson's rendition. The first Batman, tried more to have more of a comic book feel and these two new movies show more of the dark story that there is behind the comic book hero and his archenemies. Heath Ledger did exactly what he was supposed to. He showed that The Joker was not just about jokes, he had a dark history and his purposes are to darken people's lives. But the great thing is that he was not the main focus. He was the main villain, but the story was more central around Bruce Wayne and Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent. The movie left you wanting more Joker but not giving you too much of the late Heath Ledger.

To me, the real surprise is Aaron Eckhart's performance as Harvey Dent/Two-Face. He did a great job as a person who is trying his hardest to help the people of Gotham City and yet getting the short stick when it comes to his personal gain. He does a great job at being Two-Face. It is pretty gross but his outrage that comes from him having half of his face burned off is pretty good.

All in all, the movie did live up to my expectations. Out of the 6 Batman's, it is #2 to the first Batman. It did overtake its predecessor as #2. I absolutely loved it. I got a movie poster at the movie theater. I am going to frame it. And since this is my first Batman movie with my wife and I was happy. This was an experience and I loved it. This is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Thanks to her smarts and he noticing things, I got the best movie in years on an Imax screen for cheap! Great night and great experience!


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