Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here we go!

Well here is the beginning of something crazy that I am doing! A running diary of the NCAA Tournament. Again, I am starting out here at work but I will work my way to my house and then to my sister's house and then again hit it up tomorrow.

10:20-Well they just started. It's Xavier vs. Georgia. And you got to love a name like the Xavier Musketeers. And this is annoying me, there is no audio. I can only hear the cheerleaders and the crowd. I like commentators, but maybe they suck so bad that they don't need them. Right now Xavier up 5-0.

10:24-This sucks. A Xavier player just got nailed in the face and I didn't know about it because there is no audio. I hope they fix this before we get to more important games.

10:28-I just changed it over the the Kansas-Portland State game. This is going to be ugly. Kansas was beating teams down all year. But we will see. Also, I am changing my browser from Firefox to Internet Explorer. Hopefully this will get me audio. And it sure did. Also, Sharen just called me to see her outside. So I missed some of the game. But Kansas is up on Portland State and Temple is up one on Michigan State. And Georgia and Xavier are tied..

10:42-I am watching or listening the Temple-Michigan State game I just heard something interesting. Temple's coach is a teacher at the Temple Business School. He has his master's degree and the commentators were saying that he is a bright guy. That is a first. I like the fact that a coach is a teacher. Also, I love the commentators in this game. Gus Johnson is the man. But I will get into that when I get home.

10:50-Well a lot of people's dark horse is down. Xavier is down 6 with 7 minutes left in the first half. This would be a big upset but Georgia is playing great basketball right now! But we will see what happens. There is still time.

11:06-Well I hope that these games start getting closer. Michigan State is starting to pull away from Temple, which is annoying because I just do. Also, Gus Johnson is calling the game and if it is an exciting game, he will call the game as if I was there. But Georgia is up 9 and Michigan State up 11 and Kansas is up 19!

11:23-Well, everyone is at the half and all three games have the leader winning by at least 10 points. But I did have a thought. I just filled out my timesheet online and I am watching the games online and my work is all done in the internet. What is great about all of this is that I get it done all online. But sometimes, the programs don't work which sucks. Like right now, the games are having some audio problems. That sucks, I mean I am not complaining that I get to watch them online, but I would like the full enjoyment. Also here at work, our program that we use to store the transcripts is not that great. But the idea is great. It just could and should be tweaked a little bit to get it done right!

11:49-Well, there is only one major story brewing here. Georgia is up 8 on Xavier. If Georgia wins, this would be a big upset. I personally thought that Xavier had a too high of a seed. They should have been in the tournament but Butler or Drake should have been that three seed. But in the time I am writing this, Xavier is only down 6. This is going to be good!

11:55-I just realized that I am not going to have the perfect bracket, but oh well. I chose Temple to upset Michigan State. But it's not going to happen. It's all good though. And if Xavier loses, well then I am in even worse trouble. But hopefully things go well for me!

12:01-OK, on TV at least this dude looks like he is 45 with 4 kids.

12:13-I went away to help at the front desk and all of a sudden Xavier is up 5. Well, maybe not all is lost!

12:35-Well, it looks like Xavier is going to pull it out. That's cool. A near upset but the top seeds have advanced thus far. Kentucky and Marquette are about to start and this is another game I hate a team. The team is Kentucky. Even though Ashley Judd cheers from them a ton, I hate them with all that I have. They are like a bad rash. It's just an annoying thing to have!

1:09-I just got home and I am doing some clothes folding right now. This is awesome. Watching games, doing housework and I will be getting some Mountain Dew here in a bit. Here locally, we are getting the Kentucky-Marquette game. I am routing for Marquette who is up by 4 right now. UNLV is up by 7 and Oral Roberts and Pittsburgh just started. I was just annoyed by a plug for a CBS show. This is what bugs me about CBS. They promote their shows and the only good thing they have on their channel is sports. They are lucky to have the NCAA Tournament, The Masters, and the Super Bowl once in a while. Well whatever, just as long as they keep Gus Johnson.

2:20-Sharen needed some clothes washed before her trip and she asked me to do it. So since I wasn't going to class today and since I wasn't doing anything besides watching TV, I am here washing. In fact, Sharen and I go to a laundrymat where they have a TV so I am watching the game that is on TV. They also have wireless internet access so I can watch the other games but for some strange reason, the program isn't working. There is like 12000 people in line waiting to get in to watch the games and nothing. My number does not go down. Maybe the system is down or something. Anyway, this Kentucky Marquette game is interesting. Marquette is only winning by 6. Fortunately, the other games are mostly blowouts. Also, it gave me time to see the story about the lady who was stuck on the toilet for two years. Her body grew onto the toilet. Pretty gross, anyway, her BOYFRIEND was charged with not taking care of an adult. She had a boyfriend. So, how did she not get off the toilet? Weird. Here is the story:

2:39-HOLY COW! Kentucky was down 6 and then made a three. After fouling, Marquette made 2 free throws to get ahead by 5. Kentucky just went down and shot another 3, now they are only down 2. But Marquette just made both free throws. Kentucky just lost the ball. And that was ball game. Go Marquette. The world is a better place with Kentucky out of the tournament. UNLV impressed me today. It may have been the 17 turnovers by Kent State, but they could upset Kansas. Let's hope!

3:03-Well, I am out for now, but I will be back. The games are blowouts and unless Stanford gets beat, I won't be back until later today when the second set of games start up again. I will also report from my sister's house. Later

5:10-Well its time to start the second half of the tournament. Here on my TV I am getting BYU vs. Texas A&M. But we are starting with USC and Kansas State, and this is the game I want to watch. This is gong to be the most exciting game thsu far of the tournament. And so far, Kansas State is up. Duke is starting out with Belmont. I think this will be a roll over of Belmont but we will see what happens.

6:13-BYU is down to Texas A&M and they are down 6 right now. But they didn't make a shot in the first couple of minutes but I am sure it will be alright. Anyway, what I have been wanting to talk about for a while is the wonderful HD signal that CBS gives out. Yes their programming sucks, but at least they are doing something right. Not only that, how great is high definition. I love my HDTV and my Wii looks awesome on it. Also, HD channels are sweet. Seriously, once you see the difference, you cannot go back! The only thing I have to complain about is that I have Dish Network and they gave me a free HD DVR but they don't have as many HD channels now as DirecTV. They had more but DirecTV got more. But I am sure that I will have all the channels I want in the future. I am glad for DVR as well. Well, I only like it to rewind what I am watching. But Sharen uses it more than I do. Anywho, if you don't have an HDTV get one as soon as possible with an HD provider!

6:23-I just remembered something. In last years tournament, Bill Simmons said that the BYU cheerleaders looked into the camera and looked like they were trying to say that "I am Mormon and I am hot and you can't have me so you have to stay in that cage!" or something like that. It was pretty funny. Anyway, I laughed right now that at the half they had the BYU cheerleaders again looking into the camera. I laughed. I wonder if that is what they really think?


Brett said...

I enjoyed the running diary. It was just missing an entry with the Duke-Belmont finish. Something "Gus Johnson" esque, only in writing!!