Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guitar Hero

There was one thing that I was not expecting to be played in my home and on my Wii or future gaming systems. That was Guitar Hero. After my in laws got it and a Xbox 360, I thought it was just OK, but Sharen just loved it. She loved playing it and I had debated on whether to get it. Put into play last Friday when Amazon had Nintendo Wii games featured on their Gold Box page. If you don't know what that is, here is the website, but I will explain.
What they do is they have a special product every day usually discounted at about 30 to 40 percent. Then they have special prices for only 3 hours on some certain products. Well, Guitar Hero was slashed by 25 bucks. And I signed up for Amazon Prime that got me free 2 day shipping! What a great buy. Anyway, we got the game yesterday and Sharen didn't even wait for me to rip it open and play. I thought that she would wait but I got home and she was having fun. She even played someone online. It was awesome to see how much fun she had. I played with the Wii Remote while she had the guitar but I am still not a total fan of it. I am just happy to see that Sharen now has a game that she really likes and that I don't so much.

But one thing that I am looking extremely forward to and I know Sharen is but not as much as me is Mario Kart Wii. I downloaded the Nintendo 64 version of the game onto our Wii and we have fun playing it. But the online allows for two players from one Wii to play and I am stoked to play with Sharen against people from all over the world. It is going to be the best part of having it. This will be blogged about later when I get the game.

There are two games that I really want to get and maybe I will but who knows. And there is another one that I want but I would have to buy a new system to get it. First, I want to get Grand Theft Auto IV. Sharen would not approve not only because of how graphic of a game it would be but also because I would have to buy a Playstation 3. But I also want to get Wii Fit and Rock Band for our Wii. Watch the video and you will see why.

That is all for now. Catch ya'll later!!