Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mexican History

Right now I am in my history class that is named Modern Latin America. We have been talking about the independence of most of the Latin American countries. We are about to start a movie called "Viva Zapata!" It is a 1950's film with the great Marlon Brando. I am excited to watch it. My only problem is that I have to write a paper about the movie and a book we had to read about Emiliano Zapata and well I haven't read the book. But I am sure that I will be alright. Also, before I continue, if you haven't see "The Godfather," I highly recommend it. It is on once in a while on A&E edited and still well done. You can record it and watch it bit by bit. Marlon Brando is awesome in that flick. He was nominated for an Academy Award for "Viva Zapata!" and he is a great actor. Anyway, the point I am trying make here is that one reason I was looking forward to this class was because I wanted to know more about Mexican history. But our teacher has concentrated more on Argentina and still will later when we talk about Eva Peron. But this little bit is pretty fun. I want to know where I came from.

I am proud of my parents. I am proud to be a Mexican. My parents have taught me how to live like a true Mexican. A person that is trying to keep growing and to establish myself as successful person. My mom once told me that I had a relative that was in Pancho Villa's army. In fact he was a higher up in his army. I am proud of that. I am very grateful to my parents for their guidance and their influence on me. I am proud that my wife has Mexican roots as well.


Brett said...

I agree, the Godfather is bueno!! I saw the note about your blog on facebook. I will keep checking it out.