Saturday, June 28, 2008

Victoria Secret and me!

Ok, well yesterday Sharen wanted me to go to Victoria's Secret with her because she got a coupon for some stuff.  Well, if any of you don't know, Victoria's Secret is known more for it's women's underwear.  This is fine and all, but as a guy, I was so uncomfortable going.  Not because I was surrounded by panties and bras, but because of what happens while I am there.

Sharen found some stuff that she wanted to try one.  She went to try them on and I was outside waiting.  This is where my problems come in.  There was no where to sit and wait so I had to stand outside the dressing rooms.  Any other store, I could go look at stuff for me or look at something else or sit down.  But at Victoria's Secret I can't because if I do, I will look like a perve.  If I look at the fragrances, I will look like a femy guy.  It's a lose-lose situation.  Sharen came out and said that she needed to try on more stuff.  So she did.  Again, I felt very uncomfortable while she was there.  It was then that I lose being there waiting.  While just trying to mind my own business, Sharen walked out of the dressing room only asking me if I was checking out a girl there!  There is only girls there and if I am to look anywhere there is a girl.  I HADN'T EVEN NOTICED I WAS LOOKING AT A GIRL!!  This is why that I will not go to Victoria's Secret unless two things happen.  First, they add seats to sit in and wait and that they are outside of the dressing room hall and second, they add TV's with sports on it so you have something else to look at other than girly stuff!  I was so happy to leave!

That was my experience there.  I am done.  I don't want to remember it anymore.  Later!


Shamae said...

Ha that is a funny story Memo. That is why my husband refuses to go there too! Well I hope Sharen found something nice for the whole ordeal. -**-wink wink-**-