Wednesday, March 19, 2008


What is going on with television? What has my world come to? I mentioned this in my previous blog on Myspace. I hate what is on TV right now. Of course you have your consistents like The Office and Grey's Anatomy and Heroes and other newer shows like Pushing Daisies. But honestly, who allows so much crap on TV. Sharen watches this show called "The Bad Girls Club" where like 12 or 15 disgruntled ladies live together. They all have one common attribute, they are all psychotic! Then she watches "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and that is just another to allow these already narcissistic people be even more full of themselves. American Idol is another show that just bugs me. I watch it because it is one of the only things Sharen really enjoys that I can watch with her. We watch other shows like Law and Order and Medium together that are good but I can't watch those other shows. And there are other shows that I just can't believe exist. "Survivor" is one show that I can't believe is still on. But then again whatever is on CBS besides sports is worthless. Thanks to the writer's strike, there all of a sudden came up more reality shows because networks needed to have programming and they had the reality kick again. But hopefully these shows go away. They were starting to and now with the writers being back, maybe, just maybe they will go away. TMZ also got its own show. Why? They don't need their own show. TMZ is just one of those things that should never exist. I hate how the paparazzi is just out of control and seriously having PART, not blamed for, part in the celebrities going into rehab. And even there they are followed!

Of course there are good reality shows. I mean, have you seen Dirty Jobs. That dude gets down and dirty with the real jobs that are out there. That is a good show because it makes you grateful for what you have. Man vs. Wild, even though he does stay in hotels, Bear still eats and drinks random stuff to keep himself alive. And of course there is still The Office. I hope there TV executives get their heads on straight and go back to more shows that are better, wittier, and great. But for now, enjoy what was good with TV a while back!

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Sharen said...

Im impressed, 3 days in a row! well I have to say that the bad girls club is crazy but I must make the facts straight, there are only like 6 or 7 girls living together. And I have no reason why i like it other than just seeing how girls create soo much drama. It makes me feel alittle better about myself that im not to the extreme as them! Ohh and I think its funny to watch them fight.