Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Me and Twilight

Alright, so Sharen really loves Twilight. She started to read the books over spring break on her trip to San Antonio with her family. She really got into them and for her birthday she got the three books available and the fourth book on order from Amazon. She read the fourth one so quick. I was happy to see her read a book. I have tried to read a book here and there but it is hard. But the movie comes out this weekend and I am excited for Sharen. She is really excited and I am very happy for that.

Me on the other hand, I am just excited to join Sharen. It's not that I don't care about the book and movie, I actually started to read the first book, but me personnally, I am not excited. Now Sharen has told me the story basically and it sounds very interesting, hence why I started to read the book. But I will explain in a bit why I am not TOO excited.

But first, I want to express my thanks to Stephenie Meyer, the author of the series. She not only wrote interesting stories, but gave our youth something to read. In an era where TV, the internet, cell phones, and everything that is going on, I was glad to see that the youth of this nation are reading. It maybe just one book but they are still reading. They have something else to read other than gossip magazines! This is something that makes me very happy. It isn't Harry Potter where it was more for a 8-10 year old. It is for teenagers. Teenagers need to read and they finally have something that interests them and gets them to do something that they need.

Now onto the movie. First here is the trailer so we are all on the right page.

I am very excited to be at the theater early with Sharen. This is the first movie that she wants to see and we will be seeing the midnight premiere. I am excited for that. But I am not too excited for the movie and here is why. From what Sharen has told me, the story is pretty interesting. The Cullens seem cool and they are supposed to have a pretty sweet Mercedes in the movie but here is where the excitement ends. First, the trailer doesn't make me want to see the movie. The way it looks is not what I had imagined. Bella and Edward, to me, are kind of ugly. They also don't look good together. It just isn't them. It's how the movie feels and looks. The trailer does not give justice to what Sharen has told me about the story.

The other blockbuster this year, The Dark Knight, the trailer did it great justice. Here it is.

It left people hanging and excited. I loved the movie. Whenever I did watch the trailer I got more and more excited. Watching it again just gets me excited for the Blu-Ray release on December 9. I can't wait.

So here is my final verdict. I am anticipating the movie more because of Sharen and because I don't want it to suck for Sharen. But you know how sometimes great trailers leads to crappy movies, let's hope a crappy trailer leads to a great movie!!


Shamae said...

Aww Memo what a good husband you are! I love those books! I have read them both twice. My anniversary is on Sunday and so for Monday my husband is willing to sit through the movie with me too. Anyway I hope it is great!! Have a good time!

Brett said...

That is about all my students have been talking about this week. Enjoy the show!