Monday, November 26, 2007

It's been a while!

What is going on everyone?! I am happy to report finally. It has been more than a minute since I have last created a little blog entry. A lot has happened, so let's get right into it.

First, Thanksgiving has just passed and I had a great Thanksgiving. I ate at both my parents house and my in-laws house. Both meals were exceptional. I am very greatful that I could live in this time and in this era of history. Many things are going on and well, I am happy to live in them. I have the best wife in the world and I am living a life that I want. I am just grateful for everything that I have. But with the end of Thanksgiving comes the beginnning of Christmas. Yesterday, when Sharen and I got home from the derrty South, we started a little project that Sharen thought of. While doing it, I had the best realization since Thanksgiving. It was time for Christmas Vacation. Whoever you are, you can't ignore the best Christmas movie ever!! Then I started realizing that one of the reasons Christmas is the best holiday is because of the movies. Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Home Alone, The Grinch, etc. etc. etc. This is the best time for movies. I love it. Here is just a clip of Christmas Vacation to get you in the mood!

Also, Christmas came early with the indictment of Barry Bonds! Finally some good news from his little fiasco. I know that it was a long time, but it did happen so that is all that is important. Hopefully he will be in the same "Pound me in the @$$ Federal Prison" that Michael Vick will be in! We can only hope that the government will not screw this up! But the Feds usually win about 90% of their cases. Go United States Government!

Boise State lost to Hawaii last Friday and well, let's just say that I am not very happy that it happened. But since it did, and if they make it to BCS game, they will only be embarrassed when they lose! Anyway, football this year has been rather interesting. A possible matchup of Missouri-West Virginia for the National Championship is weird. Also, the Patriots coming out of nowhere to be undefeated is crazy. I expected them to be good, but not undefeated. Anyway, whatever works for them.

I have no other things really quick. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Monday, October 8, 2007

No carts?!

My wife and I were in Wal-mart the other day and something very odd and very weird happened. The biggest grocery chain in the United States at the store in Boise on Overland had run out of carts!! There were people wanting grocery carts to push around and there were none! They were all outside because they had called a meeting for all employees in the back of the store. This meant that the people that were hired to take the carts from the cart rack outside inside were gone! Sharen and I saw this and she recommended that we take some carts in. So we did! It was cool. I was happy that no one saw us and that we just did it because we wanted to.

As of right now, the Cleveland Indians are defeating the New York Yankees 4-0 in game 4 of their Division Series. Let us hope and pray that they Yankees don't come back. The baseball playoffs have been pretty good this time around. I am not rooting for anyone but I am just excited for good baseball.

In fantasy football, I am 4-1 and on my way to having a good season. Thanks to mistakes by my opponent this week, I won! Hey, sometimes you win easily, sometimes you have to get lucky.

Here are just some quick links! Remember, if you go to them, plan on wasting your time.

If you haven't seen Paris Hilton get grilled by David Letterman, here's your chance!:

Want to see what were the top 5 songs from up to 60 years ago?:

Oklahoma-Texas rivalry shown very gruesomely here! PLEASE READ AT OWN DISCRETION!!

Dwight Schurte, not being Dwight. Actually his name is Rainn Wilson!

That will waste your time. That is all for now. Later!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm back!

Well, it has been more than a minute that the one or two people who even like to take a look at my blog. Anyway, I have been really busy with work and school and life in general. But I had a second so now I hope to try to keep something going on. Anyway, I have had a lot on my mind I have been wanting to put it on the blog so I could remember them, but I keep forgetting. So, right now, my wife and I just got Dish Network and we are very happy. He got HD programming and it is awesome. I finally have ESPN HD and I am enjoying it. The good thing about all of this is that I can record all of my shows and watch them all later.

Speaking about shows, if you did not catch the season premiere of The Office, you should be ashamed of yourselves. The Office is not only the funniest, most entertaining show on television, it also doubles as what television should try to copy. Seriously, there are hardly more good shows out there and The Office is one of the only ones left. You need to watch it.

As far as sports goes, I am just giddy with football being in full force. Boise State did lose to Washington, but that's ok. It's hard to be undefeated every year. The 49ers and the Bucs are doing very well in the early part of the season. But again it's earl. I am 2-1 in my fantasy league. I just beat my old roommate Brett in a heart pounding finale. Baseball is about to wind down and I couldn't be more excited. It seemed that this year's baseball wasn't just as good. But we will see how the playoffs go. Also, Marc Ecko, the clothes designer, did justice, the public, and the world a favor by buying the record breaking homerun of Barry Bonds for 750K. He let the people vote on what was going to happen to the ball and they voted it to be sent to Cooperstown with an astrisk! YEAH! Finally, someone rich doing something worth while.

Another reason why I wanted to do this is because I wanted to post a lot of links. I have seen and looked at some good stuff recently and I want to share.

Bill Simmon's Sports Guy's World-
He is the funniest sports writer right now. His link page is where I am getting the majority of my links on here.

For those that love Siskel and Ebert and who love movie reviews, they posted over 5000 of their movie reviews. AWESOME!!

Kevin Garnett got traded to Boston this year and the house he had in Minnesota is now on the market, if you can afford this, please give me a call!!


I like wrestling, but his guy just looks weird!

Well, this is all for now. I am happy to say that I am done! LATER!!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Alright, it has been a minute since I last wrote a blog. But Sharen has been going crazy on hers and I figured that today would be a good day to get started on a blog and hopefully finish it by the end of the day. There has been a alot going on and I have a lot on my mind. So if you are going to read this, remember, you have been warned. So here we go!

First off, I wish I was as creative as my wife. She has done amazing things to her myspace and her blog. But now she got hold of Adobe Photoshop and has done some crazy things to pictures. She is so artistic and so creative. She put a project playlist on her blog as well so you can enjoy smoothing tunes as you read it. I would do it on mine, but I don't think most of you would enjoy what I would put on there, unless I put some all time classics? HMM??? Anyway, she is so good at this stuff that I feel inferior to her creativity. I am only a computer geek sometimes but when she gets to making pages and doing all this other jazz, WOW! She is impressive.

Speaking of Sharen, she wanted me to go with her to the downtown market that goes on every Saturday in downtown Boise. I had never gone and she went with her parents. Well, we went and as always, I was looking for free samples of food and looking at the displays while Sharen was looking at people to see if she knew anybody. Well, next thing I know Sharen taps me and says, "Isn't that.." and then I said, "That's Val Kilmer!" Not only was he a famous Hollywood actor, he was a Batman! Yes, the greatest series of movies ever!! Although he could not live up to Michael Keaton as Batman, he did a good job in Batman Forever. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So if you take a look at Sharen's blog you can see pictures of him eating some meat. He has a house here in Boise and it is pretty big. That was pretty cool to finally see a Batman. Now I need to meet Joker. (Jack Nicholson, not Heath Ledger)

One of my passions is sports. How can anyone get tired of them? Well, I started to this summer. Everything had started well. The Yankees were doing horribly. Michael Vick is never going to play football again! The 49ers have a lot of promise. Kevin Durrant and Greg Oden are going to be a great rivalry in the Northwest. The Braves were back in contention to win their division. It started off so wonderfully. And then it all came down to a final death this past week. When Barry Bonds hit his 755* home run, the summer of 2007 officially became the darkest and ugliest summers for sports fans! Tom Donaghy fixing basketball games for the mob and Michael Vick's situation (although I hate what he did, I am kind of happy he did it so when he gets put in jail maybe the inmates will treat him like he did the dogs! Can't we hope?) and cheating again in the Tour de France. Not only that you have Pacman Jones hitting strippers across the face and suspended for the year going on with wrestling. This has just been an ugly summer. I hate Barry Bonds and I hate everything he represents. And it's not even the record. It's the fact that kids are taking steroids because they think it is the only way to become better instead of just doing it naturally. Do you want an extra step? Eat some freaking spinach! Popeye did! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

But lucky for all of us, football is coming around. I am excited. I am getting Madden on Tuesday for our Wii and I love how they are making it family friendly to where my wife can play with me! I am excited! The college football season is going to be fun but I think in the end it may be dull because of the fact that USC will win the National Championship against Michigan. That is how it is going to go down! Seriously that is what is going to happen! Let's not kid ourselves! Also, there is a rumor going around that Oregon wants Boise State to change the home game that BSU has against them in 2009 to where they can play in.....CHINA! Yes, CHINA! Why? Who knows, but that would be pretty cool if that went down. It's a long shot, but who knows, that is why college football is awesome!

Alright, enough sports for now, when the season starts there will more to talk about. I will even include my stuff on fantasy football. I LOVE FOOTBALL! Anyway, this summer has been a great time for movies! Pirates of the Carribean, Spider-Man, Shrek (which I haven't seen yet), TRANSFORMERS!!, and the list goes on. But last weekend I went to watch The Bourne Ultimatum and man it was DOPE! I loved it. The action was awesome and the story was awesome. It maybe #2 on my list of the summer movies, right under Transformers because nothing could outdo that. But then Sharen asked me to take her to Hairspray. Yes, I know it is a musical, which I hate. I don't know, musicals just don't do it for me. Anyway, I wasn't that excited to go but Sharen wanted to go so we went. It wasn't my favorite movie but I didn't hate it! Before I went in, I would have never watched it, but now I am sort of glad I did. It's kind of hard to explain but anyway, it wasn't bad but it wasn't great. But the reason why I bring this up is because it does do a good job in bringing up the race issue from back in the 60's. And I just wanted to say thanks to those couragous individuals like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez and others who helped with equality of race. They have all helped me out because now I can go to school with no one bugging me or hastling me. But I was telling Sharen last night, we have problems now and some people think that it was better back in the olden days. But they had their problems too. Ritchie Valens wasn't Ritchie Valens. He was Richard Valenzuela. Why the name change? Because his record company wanted to hide his hispanic heritage. But he brought "La Bamba" and Spanish was cool. Thanks to all of them. I appreciate it and I am very grateful.

I think that was all. I am just looking forward to Tuesday so I can enjoy Madden. I am pumped about it! I am even taking the day off of work. I am pulling a Madden Holiday. So I think that is when my next blog will come. Also, maybe some links with that. So hopefully I will have a more entertaining blog. See ya'll later!

Friday, July 27, 2007


After you watch this, it will make you want to watch The Office every week! OH YEAH!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

What is going on?

I woke up this morning to Sharen turning on our TV that is in our room to the Today show and the first thing that was on was a story about all of the sports scandals that are going on now. Seriously, what is going on? Michael Vick is killing dogs and having them fight to the death. Tim Donaghy is fixing over/under for betting. Barry Bonds is about to break the home run record. The Tour de France has been in scandal ever since Lance Armstrong won his first one. Where did all of the sports stars and good guys go? Where is the reason I love sports? I still do love sports and there are still plenty of good people out there. In fact, that is why I wanted to write this blog.

I was watching Shaq's Big Challenge in which he picked a few obese children in Florida and have them get ready for the Presidential Challenge of Fitness in front of the Governer of Florida. Yes, seems lame. But the show showed a lot of things that have changed since I was in school and how pathetic things have gotten. It made me worry about my kids. Shaq had doctors tell him that if kids are physically active and such things that their grades will improve, which is what school administrators are worried about! But the school administrators, at first, didn't like the idea of having active programs for the kids. But at the end of the show they came up with a good idea. But it just went to show what kids are facing now. Their lunch was not that healthy. They had that chef on the Applebee's commercials to come in and help come up with better menus. True, it was hard, but possible and he figured it out. I know that not every school can do this, but they should try to figure things out. I would prefer to have my kid have a 3.3 GPA instead of a 4.0 and they were physically, emotionally, and spirtually fit. But Shaq is doing this. He is also an officer that could be called on in Florida if needed. He made sure to go back and finish his bachelor's degree. And easily, he is one of the most recognized people in the world! He is also hip, dresses nice, drives blinged out cars. Why can't people see that not only is he a good person and good athlete but athletes can look at him and say he lives a good life, not only an athletes life.

This is also a good story about sports and what one person can do. I read the first story about this Alaskan high school team last year and I read the new one yesterday. This is a great story and goes to show that people do care.

I know that there are other great sports stories of giving back to the community. But those are just a few of them. I just wanted to shed some light on the good things with sports. Let us not stick with the bad.

PS: I am going to do a full blog of links another day. I really like doing those and I have a few I want to give out so wait for that. Till then, later!

Friday, July 20, 2007


OK! Well, I should be a little more excited for the NCAA Football 08 game for my Xbox, but a lot has happened in the last couple of days! On Monday night/Tuesday morning at midnight I got my new football game. I got to wal-mart at 11 and was the first in line! It was quite an experience. By 12 o'clock there were a lot of people there. I am happy I got there early. Anyway, got home and played the game. Well, I have been wanting to get a Nintendo Wii since last Saturday's experience in playing it for the first time. I call Software Etc. here in the Boise mall and sure enough they had received some and I was giddy! I hurried up and went down there and got one. It is pretty cool. Sharen has some pictures and some pictures of her brother and I playing it yesterday. He is in town for National Guard stuff. Sharen told me that just while make his little profile, called a Mii, he loved it. Sharen and I have been playing it a lot. I love it because it is so interactive and so fun to do. The only downfall is that there isn't enough games for it yet, but I know they are coming. I am pumped for Madden 08. The actions and the movements you have to do are going to be fun!

As for NCAA Football 08, well I have only played it once since buying it the night it came out. It was a lot harder than last year's version. But then again, these past 2 years have been like that. The game from the previous year is a lot harder than the new game. One of the reasons is because they switch the controls up on you. I don't know why they do this. It is kind of annoying. But hey, I guess I will have to learn it all and go from there.

I just wanted to say my opinion on some things. First, there is an NBA referree that just got caught on fixing games that he had bet on. This is a dumb thing to do. But then again, reports say that he was also involved with the mob. If there is one thing that you don't want to do, that is the one. DON'T EVER GET INVOLVED WITH THE MOB! I don't know why people do it, but they do. Anyway, whatever. Hopefully he doesn't get into too much trouble. As for more legal troubles, Michael Vick is in a lot of trouble. Since him being at Viriginia Tech I have hated him. I have always said that he is the most overrated quarterback in the NFL since...Ryan Leaf! Now he is doing dog fighting. Seriously, I hate to say it, but I have been right since those days long ago. He just isn't a quarterback and he isn't worth the time and money. He is exactly like Kobe Bryant. Seems flashy, seems like the future, seems like the present, but just does not have it! That is exactly how to sum up those two. None of them have the potential to be big. Atheltic and exciting, maybe. Other than that, there is nothing to them. But lucky for us, when Vick goes to jail we won't have to hear from him again! That will be a great day not only for football but for America in general!

Anyway, that is all for now. Everyone can click on the right of my blog to go to Sharen's. She has done a little more than I have on mine. So enjoy both blogs and we will see ya'll later

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ratatoille and NCAA Football 2008

I am here at my apartment counting down the minutes before I go to Wal-Mart to pick up the new NCAA Football game from EA Sports. This game is double special for me because not only do I love the college football video games but a Boise State Bronco is on the cover. Granted it is Jared Zabransky but he still was a bronco. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I am excited. The only downfall is that Wal-Mart is going to have only 25 copies of the Xbox version. They are going to have more of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions. So I am going at 11:00 and hopefully there is not a line. I am going to take our iPod and the book I am reading to pass the hour. By the way, I am reading "Hate Mail from Cheerleaders" by Rick Reilley. This is the only book that has made me laugh, feel proud, almost cry, and feel good about sports. I recommend it not only to sports lovers but to everyone else. I am also ready Bill Simmon's book "Now I Can Die in Peace." It is pretty good as well.

This past weekend Sharen and I got invited by my friends to go to their house to play the Nintendo Wii. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Previously I had been contemplating on buying an Xbox 360 to keep up with the Jones'. Sharen was not happy with it but she almost was dropping the YES to it. But after this past weekend everything has changed. Playing the Wii was like an awakening. It is so fun and so interactive. Sharen loved it as did I. It gives you a work out and it is a lot cheaper than the Xbox 360. I recommend playing it and just seeing for yourself how great it is. Sharen and I did boxing and we tied. Then our tennis match was way fun. We had a long fight for one point and it was just a great time and it seems that it would be a thing that I could do with my family because it just makes more sense to do. We are going to try to get one. Hopefully this week!

We went and watched Ratatoille this weekend. And it was really good. The story was good and original and the graphics were just insane. I don't get how they do these great cartoons with such great graphics. Superb movie. I can't wait to watch the new Harry Potter. Which reminds me, I haven't read the 6th Harry Potter book. And I will wait a while until all of the hoopla of the 7th one goes down to read it.

This past weekend I realized how much fun I have with my wife. She is great. Usually she doesn't like to play video games but when she saw how to do the Wii and how much fun it turned out, her eyes were lit up like a christmas tree. She just looked so happy and so fun to be with. My friends had rented a baseball game for the system and Sharen and I did a home run derby. It was so fun how competitive we got. We were just enjoying the time together. I am enjoying every moment right now because I know that when we have kids these kinds of experiences are not going to be there. But thanks to Sharen and her childlike sense of wonder, I know that I will at least have that memory with me always!

I wanted to have some links this time around but I think that I will have them next time. See ya'll later!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

After camping and Transformers!

Hello everyone the reads this or the one person that reads this. Anyway, I just got back from my 4th of July camping trip up to Redfish Lake near Stanley. I never thought Idaho would have such a beautiful place. Seriously it was like a beach out in the mountains. Except on this beach you can be boating and you can be using jet-skis. It was awesome. The temperature was just perfect. The water was not that cold. And then there was sand to lay on and to chill on. And the background was the Sawtooth Mountains. Honestly, I have never seen anything so beautiful. Sharen was talking it up as if it was so great and I really didn't believe her. I was like it will be like any other place in Idaho that people say is beautiful. It usually means that A place you have to have a life jacket on to play in the water or you have to be boating. But when I saw it, I just fell in love. The only problem is actually getting there. From here in Boise, it is all windy and really crazy and slow to get there, but it was well worth the drive. We went for a family reunion and that was fun too. Sharen and I made these litttle necklaces with a rock that was broken into two so we both have a piece of it. We also watched a slideshow of pictures that the family had sent to Sharen's Aunt. I didn't know that Sharen had sent pictures but she sent some great ones! I am so lucky that she does a great job on those things.

But all did not go so smoothly. When camping there are always dangers. First, we took a wrong turn in Stanley and went the opposite direction to the lake. But that turned out OK because by the time we got to the lake, Sharen's family had just gotten there. But the one thing that did pester us through the whole time we were there was a bear. I have never gone camping while a bear was around, so it was bound to happen. They called it a yearling. Through the week we were there, it was in Sharen's Uncle and her Aunt's campground. The last day we were there it showed itself during the day and I finally saw it. It was a decent sized bear but nothing to big. We did get a picture but it's on Sharen's Mom's camera. So after I get it I will post it on the blog.

I really wanted to see Transformers before left last Monday but we didn't have time and we were leaving the next day after work. So that meant that I had to wait until the next Monday to watch it. But instead of just catching one movie, we decided to sneak into Licence to Wed. This was one of the smartest decisions we have ever made together. I was like a little kid again in Transformers. I had this huge grin on my face with all of the machines and the special effects going on. I had this sense in my body that I was 5 years old again and I was renting Transformer videos from the video store with my dad. It was awesome. The only thing was that there was some horrible acting in it. Shia LeBeouf did a good job with the girl Megan Fox. They had some good chemisty along with Shia's actor parents. But the rest of the characters were not that good of actors. But the action scenes made up for all of it and more. It was a great movie. I loved the movie and I want to watch it again and again and again...

I really wanted to see License to Wed because of John Krasinski. He is Jim from The Office, which by the way is the best show on television. If you don't watch it, watch it now! Anyway, I must say that it was a little disappointing. There were some funny parts, but Krasinski did not have the right cast around him. It did have Angela, Kevin, and Kelly from The Office and their parts were funny but Mandy Moore is not that great of an actress and Robin Williams needs a new gig. It was probably the most disappointing movie of the summer. That is how bad it was compared to how funny it could have or should have been. But since we snuck into it and only paid 3 dollars in parking. It came out to a pretty cheap 2 movies. And no, I don't feel bad. One time we got a small package of candy for 3 or 4 dollars. 3 or 4 DOLLARS!! Seriously, movie theaters are gouging. Paying 10 bucks for a medium popcorn and a medium drink that you can't get a refill for. That is too much! So I don't feel bad.

Just one quick link. I got this at work today. Extreme Makeover does not just go to the East Coast. Here is proof:

Anyway, remember if you missed the other blogs on myspace, check them out at

Remember, post comments and hope to see ya'll soon!


Monday, July 2, 2007

4th of July!

Well, I am here in the laundrymat getting ready to go up to Redfish Lake for a family reunion. It is Sharen's side of the family who is having it and we are leaving tommorow. I figured while I have sometime to waste that I should post another blog. It has been a while. Anyway, my summer is going OK. We floated the Boise River last Saturday. It was pretty fun. I have been working everyday and I have been really tired at the end of the day. Last year, though, was even worse. I was working two jobs and my other job was being outside all day. We needed more money because we had just gotten married. Luckily, the job payed 15 bucks an hour and I worked like 8 hours a day. But the only problem was that it was from 1:30ish to about 9:30ish. Sometimes I would get home around 10 o'clock. It was pretty hard on Sharen and me because she would want to do something when I got home but I was so beat from work that all I wanted to do was chill at my house. Anyway, the only thing I miss from that job is the money. But I think I am enjoying my summer a little more than last year.

What has been an interesting story thus far this summer has been the murder/suicide of Chris Benoit, the pro wrestler. It has been pretty horrible to hear what he did to his wife and child. Today I heard that he had done his famous move, the Crippler, to sufficate his son. What kind of idiot does this. But he did have roid rage. And it has been interesting to hear from ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd who absolutley hates wrestling. He had some people call in and try to defend Benoit. It is ridiculous. I loved wrestling when I was little. In fact, I loved it while I was a teenager. But that changed with growing other interests. It is sad to hear the gory details of what transpired. But it does not surprise me at all. Honestly, since they don't drug test the people and they encourage the use of steroids, I am starting to hate the sport. There have been many deaths of people who wrestled that are under the age of 40. But that is their thing. Until they clean up the sport, I will try not to watch. It used to be cool, but now isn't.

This subject brings me to another catastrophe of the summer. Idiot baseball fans somehow voted that Barry Bonds be a starter on the All-Star team. What are people thinking? Seriously, voting that no good piece of crap onto what is supposed to be the best major leaguers right now. Barry Bonds drives me crazy and I am tired of his whole chase of Hank Aaron. Seriously, you guys Google images of Barry Bonds from when he was younger and when he was older. Don't tell me that he didn't use steroids! But look at how skinny Hank Aaron was. He will always be the greatest home run hitter until A-Rod passes him. As for Bonds, I am going to act as if he never exsisted. He never is going to be worth all the hoopla he is given. So enough with him, let's just get rid of him. He should be kicked out of the game.

Has anyone watched that stupid show America's Got Talent? Seriously, it is the dumbest show on television right now. I am tired of reality shows like this. American Idol is stupid and thanks to the show, we now have all of these dumb shows that have 3 judges that are equally as dumb. The only show that is worth watching and that is because it has been great this season is Last Comic Standing. There has been some great comedy in watching that. Watch the show. It is great stuff. I started watching it last year with Sharen and we loved it. And I am going to keep watching it.

For those that haven't heard this song please watch the video. I know that there are many of you that don't like rap or Hip-hop but this is my song right now. Actuallly I just remember, these two songs.

T.I. has become my favorite artist right now. If you haven't seen ATL, go rent it. It is actually pretty good. Him and Kanye West are starting to become Jay-Z status for me.

Also, I have some links. Not that many, but hey it's worth taking a look at.

If you want to catch up on some of your favorite shows, check this site out. Just know that not all of the links work all the time. Just make sure you mark them as dead. This helps to get recent versions of the videos up.

My little sister-in-law showed me this cool skeleton thing. It is easy to waste your time on it.

You have to watch this whole thing. It is awesome! Just so you know everyone survives. Also it has only been on youtube for 2 months and has 6 million views.

And lastly, if you are not excited for Transformers, then you have no heartbeat! SERIOUSLY! I am so pumped. The only unfortunate thing is that I won't be able to watch it next Monday. So after I watch it I will give a review. Anyway, I think that is all for now. For those of you that read this thanks. Remember, comment. I made it possible for anyone to comment. Even if you don't have a blogger account. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

PS: There are some of you that haven't read my other blogs on Myspace so here is the link to read it.

Thanks again. And hope to hear your comments soon!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I finally broke!

Alright, I know that I said that I wouldn't use blogger, but I wasn't liking myspace. So we will see how this goes. Also, I have my profile set to private and I wanted more people to check it out so I figure this would be an easy way to do it. Anyway, I had some things I wanted to talk about and well I had a lot on my mind and quite frankly I am just going to say them. First things first, Sharen and I just watched the Spurs, her favorite team, win another NBA championship. Did I expect it? Yes, of course. Do I like them winning again? I don't care, but what I do worry about is the fact that a team like the Spurs is going to keep ruining basketball. I mean they show teams how to play but they are not fun to watch. I mean, they almost lost the game when they were up by 10 in the 4th quarter. But fortunately there a plenty of young stars like Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Greg Oden, Kevin Durant and other such players are going to bring this game back. It will be fun to watch again!

Second, The Sopranos just ended. I never watched it because it was on HBO and when it started, I couldn't watch it. But when I even had a chance, I watched some of the show and I really wasn't too interested. HBO ran some weird seasons, like they only had like 10 shows a season or something like that. It just never grabbed me. But I did hear how it ended and let me tell you, that is the best way to end it. Why? Because it left everyone wondering what happened and brought up so much conversation! Even without watching it, it was awesome. But this brings me to another point, The Sopranos does not even match the greatest show on TV ever. Seinfeld obviously is the best show ever. Watching some Cheers re-runs and it was pretty funny and good as well. I am just down for Seinfeld whenever. I love it. I watch the re-runs every night. I have all 7 seasons on DVD and planning on getting the 8th here soon!

During the basketball game, Franco Harris from the legendary Pittsburgh Steeler teams from the 70's was in attendance and it brought up another point for me. The San Francisco 49ers of the 80's was the best dynasty ever! EVER!! No if's or but's about it! Done and DONE!

Saved by the Bell was the greatest show to ever hit my generation. If you can't get excited with Jesse overdosing on sleeping pills or Kelly lying to her dad for the first time or Slater being the captain on every sports team or Screech and Lisa's relationship or Zach's wonderful performance every show then you dont' know what TV was.

Right now, television has nothing on. This upcoming Thursday, I recommend all of you who haven't watched The Office to watch the marathon on Thursday! Seriously, it is the best who on television. Two of their main actors have blogs and I read them on Myspace. Seriously, it is the best show on television right now!

I also want to know who honestly, remember, honestly, thinks that Paris Hilton is hot! Seriously, I think she is ugly and not that attractive. While I was on my mission is when she became famous. I remember several people asking me if I thought Paris was good looking and I had know clue who she was! Seriously, disgusting and awkward is how I feel when I see pictures of her or even video!

I think that is it. I just wanted to get some things off of my chest! Remember, leave some comments and we will write to all of you later!