Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Alright, this little article really set me off. Ford Excuses

Now seriously, the Ford CEO is telling me that because the government has issued to many regulations, that you can't think of new innovation?! You know what, work around the stupid regulations like your accountant does with your taxes so you don't have to pay anything! Regulations are the reason why Honda has come up with a Hydrogen car or why Toyota came out with the Prius or because Asian companies are kicking your trash in auto making? Makes no sense whatsoever. They just figured out how to make better cars with working with the system. Just admit it, those Asian automakers are better than yours! Now what do you have to do to better than them. That is why you hire engineers. Quit spending money on coming up with new ways to make the same car. In fact, Ford here is what you do. Do not release a new line of vehicles for the year of 2010. No new 2010 Taurus, F-150, or nothing. Just make what your demand is. Invest that money into new R&D and beat Toyota! Beat them to a pulp. Pretty simple, but I guess its a little hard to make a rash decision in a company that can't make those types of decision. Anyway, there is my rant! Get over yourself Ford and get to work!