Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fantasy and Legal Betting?

So I am going to update the 2 people that read this what has happened in my fantasy leagues. In the league named Crabcakes and Football, I got spanked! I mean royally beaten down. The score was 107-58. Not a good start. But we will see what happens next week after some adjustments. In the league named Boise UPS Gateway, I was losing 99-98 with my opponent having the Minnesota Vikings' defense playing on MOnday night. I was sure I was done. But right when I went to check my scores and I had the game on, Ryan Grant busted through for a big run and Green Bay scored a touchdown to bring down my opponents total to 98. I TIED!! I would have beaten all but 2 of the people in my league with that score. I was pretty happy. So we will see how it goes.

Legal Betting? YEAH! I am serious and it's not even gambling. In fact, it was something I had been thinking about recently. Where was a place that I could make a cheap bet like 10 cents or even 5 cents. I don't have much money, but I do have a nickel that I could lose. I stumbled upon this article and found on here a sports betting site that is legit and free! Just in case you don't want to read the article, the website is called CentSports. If you skeptical, here is a rundown of how it works.

First, it is free. When you register, it doesn't ask for a credit card or no financial information. The site gives you 10 cents to bet on various sporting events. You place your bet and that is it. The money that is used is paid for by advertisers. There will be some popups but just don't click on them and you get your fun for free. If you make 20 bucks, you can cash out a maximum of 10 bucks! But you have to work for that money too, the site doesn't just give it to you. I made 4 cents on my first bet. I mean, I am not losing money and I am using someone else's money to pay for my bet. And it's only 10 pennies!! It is a win win situation and it's pretty fun. If you are to join, tell me so I can get you invited via email so I can get some extra change for inviting you to join.

That is all for now, but if you have any questions aobut any of this, do not hesitate to comment and leave a question. Later!

Monday, September 1, 2008


I hate politics. I try to keep up with what is going on in general but the presidential race has been a joke. I mean, I am a Republican and I will vote for John McCain because I don't want socialism in this country. I am a capitalist and if you can be successful you have to sacrifice and make yourself. I am a staunch believer that you are what you make of yourself. And if we have a socialist president like Obama, we are doomed and people will depend too much on the government. I do believe that there should be a type of health care system where people are not charged up the butt for services that are needed, but it isn't the governments fault that idiots that HAVE TO HAVE fake boobs and nose jobs and face lifts are helping raise the costs of just general health care. But this is a whole other issue. My point is that anyone who becomes president is going to have a rough time. And there are too many bad influences in government. I am a believer of making a fair buck but screwing people is not fair and I hate that. But that is what government does. They aren't making oil companies drop their prices and not make their 11 billion dollars in a QUARTER! If oil companies don't want to lose money, come up with new technology that will be profitible in the future. Once oil runs out and we need to use solar cars, why not have that technology to make that money back?!

The reason I went on this rant is because I believe that government is losing its power and why the United States is starting to lose its power is because of idiots like this lady that was featured on The Colbert Report. I love Stephen Colbert. He is an interesting guy who attacks everyone. Not just conservatives but liberals as well and I loved how he drilled this lady. I have been tired of people wanting to take God out of our government. God is the keypart of our government. If any of those peole took history and realized that the reason why the pilgrims came to the Americas was for freedom of RELIGION!! Meaning they wanted to worhsip God away from the Catholic Church. This lady from the show was stupid and just flat out ridiculous. I love how he mentions songs like God Bless America and how she reacted. Great stuff.

Another reason why I wanted to post this video was because he had a writer who claims to be a socialist conservative. But he wrote a book about how hip hop music. They mention the book briefly but they talk about racism. And they put racism into a great analogy and I could not have said it better. The writer compared racism to the typewriter. We all that they are both around, but they are becoming less and less relevant and no one can claim that they are causes for not getting work done/racism is why people don't get opportunities. I loved that! The computer made the typewriter irrelevant. Social changes have made racism irrelevant. Who ever still uses a typewriter will be left behind. Who ever is still racist will be left behind in society. Not just racist people but people who think that they are being racially discriminated. Great point and I am going to use that forever. Anyway, that is my rant for politics. I am not a politcal guy because no one ever wins. There is never a win win situation and I always try to find that. Let's not let petty differences get the best of us. Let's just work for what is best for the farmer in Idaho as well as the best for the business man in New York!