Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random Thoughts!

I was very inspired this morning by Bill Simmons. Actually I am inspired to write this blog mostly because of him. Anyway, here is the link to his recent article.
The Ramblings

So all he did was write one or two sentences about random thoughts that he had. Mostly sports, but some very Pop culture related. And I have a lot of thoughts on pop culture stuff, so here are my Random Thoughts! (Note: I wish I could have added some special type of music after those last words)

Sharen watched the Bad Girls Club reunion show last night. Why do these reunion shows exist to begin with? Seriously, if this is reality TV, those women would not want to see each other. The ladies of Flavor of Love would not want to see Flava Flav with his new girl, RIGHT?

American Idol ended yesterday with David Cook winning. This brings me to this, Will American Idol ever go away? I mean the show will not be the same without Simon and if he is ever to leave, it would not be worth even watching. As Jimmy Kimmell said on the Finale, "This is the greatest karaoke show ever!"

These NBA playoffs have been pretty decent. They have been the best in recent years, but not as good as the Bulls-Knicks series of the 90's or even the Bulls-Cavs of the 90's. But if the Celtics can find a way to win in Detroit, everyone should just stop playing and give the championship to Boston. I feel that if they can get one win away from Boston, the season is over!

I heard a rumor that the NFL wants to add a 17th game to the season because the owners will be losing money from a lost preseason game. UM......I love the NFL and I love college football. But why do they want to do this. Do they want to add another week of hell to everyone's life? If I get another week of football, that means another week of girlie stuff later with Sharen. But not only that, I would have to worry about my fantasy football league a week longer. I can barely keep up as it is! Bad idea. They could probably make due with reducing the games.

We watched the Real World: Hollywood last night and well, this year has been the best in a long time. That is only thanks to some guy that thinks that he is God's gift to Earth. You know how some people think that but are for the most part at least people you can talk to. This guy is not! I mean, he literally thinks that he is great! He doesn't do anything great or act great, he just thinks it. And he is the one that has made all of the conflict in the house. I hate him, but thanks to him I can watch the show.

Oh yes, The Office Finale was last week and it was awesome! Pam will be in New York for a while for school and Jim was going to propose to her but he got blocked by Andy. Just a great show! Seriously, the greatest show on television. If more people don't start watching it, society will lose greatness just like with Arrested Development.

This Summer's movie lineup looks great. The Dark Knight, Get Smart, Indiana Jones, Hancock, and others that look great!! But when Sharen and I when to the Chronicles of Narnia last Friday, there was just a disgusting preview of a movie that is going to come out. It's about Chihuahua DOGS!! It disturbed me and I was mad! I hate rat dogs!

What did people do before the internet and technology? Seriously, they couldn't watch TV or they couldn't get up to the minute information. I don't know what I would do without a good TV show to watch or the internet to play on. But I love being around in this time.

Well I think that is it for now. I may have another blog like this. It was actually pretty fun thinking of just random thoughts. (Music) Later!